Just Like One

Alice White is a witch that fell in love with another witch. His name was Jordan Mane. They fell in love with each shortly after they met. they were there for each other all time. it's not only because they loved each other, it's because they had to to be safe. Their souls were like one. Literally...


2. Who Is He


My grandma helped me pack everything at my house. we are keeping my parent’s things of course; it’s just that we wont be using them. we’re not going to sell the house because i will turn 18 in two years so i might want it.

“Grandma, i’m gonna take a break and go to the cafe near the house ok? ” i yelled so she could hear it upstairs.

“Okay. Have fun”

i scoffed, “i’ll try” i replied getting out of the house.

the cafe was called Coffee Beans. they make the best coffee i had ever tasted. i would come here with my friend Ashley all the time, but she moved a long time ago because her parents decided to have a divorce. i sometime really miss her. i don’t know why but we don’t talk anymore. she’s probably going through lots of stress.

as i took a sip of my coffee, i noticed there was a man about my age staring at me, but i pretended to be looking at something near him. he’s quite hot i would say, but it’s kinda freaky of him to stare. i suddenly felt something in me; like a breeze inside of me. it felt strange but i liked it. it felt like... somethings good? i don't know. this is the first time i felt it as strong as this. i have felt it before like twice? but it was like a tiny breeze. not that big. i didn't bother to ask my mom. Don’t no why.

Again, about 5 minutes later, that boy was still staring at me. i’m not sure if he’s been staring this whole time or did he do his business and then continued to stare again. every time i look at him, he would turn away but have his face turn to the side enough to see me with the corner of his eye. it was really weird and it was freaking me out like he is stalking me.

i took my bag and went home when i couldn’t take it even longer with him staring at me. my mind was telling me that i’m scared he might hurt me, but there’s this other part of me is telling me that i don't have to be scared of him. i thought the whole thing through on the way home but i still couldn’t figure it out. what i was wondering the most was why i felt that breeze that was rushing in me so strong? was it because of him or am i coming up with a cold or a fever?

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