Just Like One

Alice White is a witch that fell in love with another witch. His name was Jordan Mane. They fell in love with each shortly after they met. they were there for each other all time. it's not only because they loved each other, it's because they had to to be safe. Their souls were like one. Literally...


3. First Day Of School


“RING!” went my alarm clock.

“Ugh... Is it morning already? I wish there would be some kind of spell to make the night last longer.” I moaned still in bed.

I got prepared and went to have breakfast. My grandma was cooking pancakes.

“You haven’t made me pancakes since I was ten.” I said smiling at her; she smiled back.

“Well i never got the chance to make them for you for the past years. Remember how u liked me to make them into shapes?” she replied putting more pancakes on my plate.

“Of course. I would beg you to make me hearts and nothing else.”

“Yeah. And remember when i tried to teach your mother to make them? She would-”

“Always mess them up.” We both laughed for a bit until i looked at my watch. “I have to go to school now grandma” I kissed her goodbye and left.

I never really liked the first day of school. I didn’t really fit in in my last school so why would i fit in to this one? I just hate it when i have to start everything over again. It was the middle of the semester. I guess everyone already made friends And everyone will notice I’m the new girl.

Everyone was already in class. As i touched the door nob, I felt something in me. It wasn’t a breeze. It felt like everything is going to change in my life. I could feel the words sliding in my chest. I stepped into the classroom. I was nervous and worried I might do something embarrassing.

“Ah, class,” the teacher began. “This is our new classmate...” He paused so i could say my name. 

“Alice White” I told him.

“Yes. Now Ms White, can you please have a seat next to Mr Mane.”

I took a quick look at him. Wait a minute, this is the guy I saw at Coffee Beans! I will be sitting next to him?! He stalks me! Well, I think he does. I walked over and sat down quickly looking away. Is he still staring at me? I thought to myself. Why does he have to be so hot? He has hazel brown eyes, a little freckle here and there and brown hair that looked like Stefan Salvatore’s hair style from Vampire Diaries. Only that Vampire doesn’t exist.

I was right, he was staring at me through class. Stop staring at me will you? It’s really creepy! 

“Hey, I’m Jordan Mane” he said quietly putting his hand out for me to shake them. I didn’t.

“Alice White.”

“You remember me from Coffee Beans? The one in California?”

“Yeah. I do. How can I forget when you couldn’t quit staring at me!” I mumbled so the teacher won’t catch me talking. “What were you doing there in California, when you were supposed to be in school?”

“I went to my sister’s wedding. When I found out that there was also a Coffee Beans cafe I  just had to go. And yes I was staring at you and I’m sorry. I just felt weird. Like really. I’m really sorry if freaked you out or anything. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.”

“It’s ok...” I think? Is it really ok is it that I fell for his looks? “Wait a minute, did you say that when you found out there was Coffee Beans in California you had to go? Is there Coffee Beans here?” I raised my eyebrows. He smiled and did a little exhale laugh.

“Yeah. There is.” I was surprised. The next thing he was about to say, I could tell he was nervous. “Would you like... Um... to have some Coffee at Coffee Bean with me?”

“Ye-ye-yeah. Sure. Sure” And I thought he would never ask. 

“Great. Tomorrow after school.”

The bell rang and everyone scurried to lunch leaving me still smiling at Jordan.

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