Just Like One

Alice White is a witch that fell in love with another witch. His name was Jordan Mane. They fell in love with each shortly after they met. they were there for each other all time. it's not only because they loved each other, it's because they had to to be safe. Their souls were like one. Literally...


1. The Car Crash


My name is Alice White, I'm 16 and i am a witch. i knows it sounds strange but that’s who i am. My mom was a witch, not my dad. Unfortunately, they died by a car crash two nights ago on the way home from a little trip out of the country. i was so excited for their arrival. i even made them dinner and cleaned up the house. i waited for them, for hours and hours but there were no signs of them. i was beginning to get worried but then i thought they might be in traffic. i was getting bored so i went to watch some television. the news channel was on. when i was just about to change it, i heard my parent’s names and they were saying that my parents had to be rushed to the hospital. my eyes started to have a slight burn by my tears. i ran to the house phone trying to call the closest person i knew that could help. it was my grandma. she’s also a witch. besides, she is the only relative i have. i told her everything with tears streaming down my face. she told me she will book the next flight to California. she lives in Florida so it would take about an hour to get here. i immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as i finished talking with her.

when i arrived at the hospital, i went to ask the doctor that is suppose to be in charge of this situation.

“Are they alright Doctor?” i asked with my heart trying to race it’s way out of my chest.

“We’re not sure yet. We have to do an operation to keep their heart pumping but i can't promise you that it would work. they were in a car crash not like any others.” the doctor said sounding like it was impossible to cure them. i slightly nodded my head and went to sit at the nearest seat outside the room my parents were in. 

i was shivering, but i wasn’t even cold. not one bit. You maybe think, why am i not using my powers to save them? well, my mom and grandma never taught me any spells. the only thing that my mom told me is that witches could feel the life of plants. there’s no spell to it though. Even though my mom would teach me some spells, there isn’t any to cheat death.

My grandma barged in running to me. i stood up to hug her.

“is your parents ok sweet heart?” she said placing both her hands on my face and looking straight into my eyes. i could see that she is panicking very much through her’s. i removed her hand and held it by our sides.

“the doctor said they had to do an operation. grandma, I'm scared that they wont make it” she hugged me again and whispered everything is going to be alright.

the doctor came out and we all stood up. he shook his head. i heart made the hardest pound i could ever imagine. i stood there with tears falling down my face without a sound by my grandmother’s side.

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