Poems I was bored enough to write :)

A collection of poems you probably shouldn't read xx :)


5. Why o why am I crap at poetry?


I am neither illiterate nor etiquette,

I don’t do puns or rhythms.

I find it simply impossible,

To keep up with the times???

I can never find the perfect word,

Or make it smoothly flow.

I am never able to finish a verse,


I know I have potential,

And my emotions are over flowing.

But transferring feelings onto paper,

Is simply not my going (???)


My mind is full of color,

 And words surround my soul.

But my hand will not cooperate,

In achieving my goal. (YES)


If I ever write a decent poem,

You better start to worry.

Because that means something is very wrong,

(But don’t worry).

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