Poems I was bored enough to write :)

A collection of poems you probably shouldn't read xx :)


4. A princesses imperfections


Hair like gold flowing in the wind,

Eyes as green as ripe leafs.

A cliché of features,

Held with contempt.

Why be the same,

When you could be some thing more.

A princess’s burden,

Of expectations to be met.

Never gifted with true freedom,

Only a prince to guide you through his dreams.


May be she who looks from her window,

Does not watch the birds.

Maybe she who waits,

Does not wait for a prince.

May be she who seems fair and just,

Does not have true intentions.

May be she given beauty and vain,

Does not also have brains and logic.

Maybe she whom is portrayed as perfect,

Has a dark streak a mile long?


So to say...

She lusts for freedom,

So as to fend for herself.

So to say...

She looks at the sky,

So as to consider jumping.

So to say...

She wears beautiful dresses,

To tempt a man, to carry out her doing.


Hate could consist under waves of perfect silk...

Hate could exist under the heavy lids of lashes...


Just remember not every thing is it looks...



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