I'm a thinker. I don't mean one of those boffiny brainiacs who sit in a room for hours trying to come up with a solution for a impossible problem, no. I think, and then it happens.


2. It All Began

You see, once I was just a normal 12 year old school boy, living in London. I did usual stuff- went on my bike and scooter and all that. But then it all changed. For good.

I was going upstairs to my room to go to sleep at like 9 or something, and then I got this headache, not a pathetic little one, I mean a intense pounding at the back of my head. I managed to get to sleep anyway, and the next morning I woke up as a boy in America, on holiday. Freaky when you don't even know him- and it turns out he was in your dream and you switched.

So eventually this twirp finally thought of his life, and I did too, and we switched back. But after that, I couldn't sleep for a month, and now I just have to be really careful.

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