I'm a thinker. I don't mean one of those boffiny brainiacs who sit in a room for hours trying to come up with a solution for a impossible problem, no. I think, and then it happens.


1. I'm a thinker.

Look, I didn't want to be a Thinker. No one wants to be a Thinker. But I am.

I guess I should explain. You see, Thinkers in my meaning aren't brainy boffins who sit in a room for hours "chewing" over a maths problem. No. I mean someone who can swap lives. Yup. Thats me.

You see, what happens is I think of someone and where they are, right now, for a long time, and then I sorta swap lives with them. A tad weird. And a bit inconvienient.

You may not have noticed, but there are loads of Thinkers around the world. It's something to do with genetics... I dunno. But every now and then, it crops up in the news and it's covered up with some story. Take the MI8 case. A Thinker swapped with an agent, and then that agent suddenly "got killed in action". More like, they found out and killed them.

You can sorta tell a Thinker, because they always are a little 'edgy'. They try never to think about anyone for a long period of time, but it's not always possible.

Once a Thinker's swapped, it's very difficult to get back. The two people have to think of their proper lives at exactly the same time, and then you can swap back. Only then.

I'll tell you when it all began for me.

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