Just a Girl

I have always been fascinated with history and this movella is about a 12 year old child factory worker in Victorian times during the Industrial Revolution. It's
working progress so may take a while to develop.

It's basically a short story about the horror of being a child worker in Victorian times.


3. Sad News

I made it through the day. Not all of us were so lucky. I am certain someone got trapped in the machine. I heard a scream and a strange ripping sound. I dread to think what happened.

My sisters and I hurried home as soon as the working day was over. We were all anxious to get home. We were feeling the same thing. Weary and hungry.

Mother welcomes us with red, tired eyes. She was wearing a plain black dress and looked like she had been crying. 
"Mother, what's wrong?" I asked feeling slightly concerned. Mother starts a fresh flow of tears. We lead her inside and encourage her to sit down. My father and brothers are there as well. Apart from Jack the second youngest. Something was wrong. Very wrong.
"What happened? Where's Jack?" asked Susan, the eldest girl. Everyone looked at us, their eyes shining with tears. Father was the first to speak. "Jack isn't coming home. He had an accident at work." he explained. Jack, like all of my brothers, worked as a chimney sweep. My father had done the same job when he was a boy. Mother cried again. Father placed his hand on her shoulder and continued, "Girls, Jack's dead."

I felt like my heart had stopped. Jack was dead? I just couldn't believe it. The whole room went eerily silent. No one moved. No one spoke.

I decided to pluck up the courage to ask the all important question, "How did it happen?"

Mother looked like she was about to speak but father squeezed her shoulder and she went silent. "He got stuck in the chimney he was cleaning and suffocated." Father explained. My sisters and I all hugged each other and our mother. This was a truly sad day. We had lost a member of the family. Jack was gone. He was never coming back. He was only ten.

As the sun went down it seemed like the whole of London was in mourning. Everywhere was silent. I gazed out at the starry sky. As the brightest star caught my eye I whispered to myself. "That brightest star up there is Jack. Watching over us."
That night the whole family cried themselves to sleep.

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