Just a Girl

I have always been fascinated with history and this movella is about a 12 year old child factory worker in Victorian times during the Industrial Revolution. It's
working progress so may take a while to develop.

It's basically a short story about the horror of being a child worker in Victorian times.


6. Farewell

I was lying on the floor of my home. Mother was stroking my hair. She was crying. Dad was speaking quietly to her. Trying to comfort her.
"Don't worry, Mother. I will be with Jack soon." I whispered weakly.
My breathing was slowing. My leg no longer hurt so much. My whole body was gradually going numb. My eyelids became heavy as my vision began to swim and fade.
"We will always love you." said a voice.
I could no longer distinguish between faces. I could only hear the weeping of their tears. I began to feel a sense of peace. I closed my eyes as the world gradually faded to white.


Where was I? The sun was shining. It dazzled my eyes for a moment.
"Emily? Is that you?" came a familiar voice.
I wheel around and see a boy of about seven running toward me with his arms spread wide.
"Jack." I whisper to myself.
Then I know.

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