Just a Girl

I have always been fascinated with history and this movella is about a 12 year old child factory worker in Victorian times during the Industrial Revolution. It's
working progress so may take a while to develop.

It's basically a short story about the horror of being a child worker in Victorian times.


5. Accident

I was working as normal. I noticed the other children gave me warning glances.
"You're not crawling back fast enough." one warned, "The machine will catch you."
I was aware of the danger the machines posed but I carried on. Sweeping the floor when the machine moved forward, retreating away when the machine drew back. It was second nature now.
Then it happened...

I screamed as the machine caught my leg. I felt it rip the flesh. I cried out again and again until someone stopped the machine.
"Someone's injured!"
"Get her out!"

"Call a physician!"
"She might die!"
Voices came from everywhere as workers rushed around in panic. Then the room fell silent as the boss came in.
"Get her out and sack her." he ordered showing no concern, "Deduct her of a week's wages and find a replacement."
I screamed again. My leg was on fire. Did I really not matter? I felt a couple of hands wrench me out from under the machine. I shut my eyes tight so I wouldn't see the blood trail. Some
A worker inspected my leg.
"The wound looks too deep." he said solemnly, "Not even a physician can help her."
I knew what that meant. My sisters rushed over to help me. For once, no one objected. Tears were rolling down their faces as they carried me home. I knew what was coming.

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