Just a Girl

I have always been fascinated with history and this movella is about a 12 year old child factory worker in Victorian times during the Industrial Revolution. It's
working progress so may take a while to develop.

It's basically a short story about the horror of being a child worker in Victorian times.


1. Dear Diary

I've always loved writing. I want to be an author one day. Mother says I should keep a diary for now.

So what can I say so far? I'm twelve, I live with my parents, five brothers and four sisters in a small cottage in the centre of London. I work in the local ribbon factory cleaning the machines since I was five. Father says it helps to keep food on the table. My brothers work as chimney sweeps. I don't know what that is. They don't tell me.

One thing of which I am certain is all our jobs are extremely dangerous. I often wonder if there will be a day when one of us will not return home. I hope I won't have to work for much longer. Maybe I will be able to write a proper book and earn enough money to leave work for good. Mother just tells me to stop dreaming. The sun is setting. I have to go to bed now. Well, it's actually the floor. Only my parents get a "bed" (a hard mattress and thin blankets). I'm used to it though. I'm working from dawn tomorrow. I don't want to risk being late.

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