The bully diarys

These are diarys of me and my one of my best friend and how we got bullied.Names are in code but can be easily de-coded by our friends.If you have read Trinity's diary and Milly's book the up tight bully then you should know who most of the people are.


Me and trinity are going to try to finish the book as soon as possible and this is a true story and some of this stuff is still going on lves u all :*


1. Playground-by True

I could see Anna across the playground talking with Ellie and Rachel,about five minutes later Ellie came to me "hi Ellie,you okay"i said "yeah im fine,Anna told me to ask you if you wanted to join a club she is making"she said "no thanks"i replied and carried on talking to Yasmin,Kat,Fey,Sonny and Jill while Ellie walked back to Anna and told her what i had said and after about thirty seconds Ellie came back "Anna said that she did no want you in the club any way"said Ellie "then why did she ask?"i asked as Ellie walked back to Anna,then Ellie came back "she said don't get cheeky"said Ellie "just tell her to leave me alone"I said.I told Yasmin,Kat,Fey,Sonny and Jill what happened and they got mad,they went up to Anna and told her to stop it and go away,thats the best thing about my friends they will always stick up for me,but she called Yasmins nan a begger and told Kat that she never wanted to her friend.Then in the cloak room Anna said "if you wanna tell me somthing say it to my face!" "then why did you not have the guts to say it to mine after all you were the one that started the messages"i said "don't get cheeky!"she shouted "im not,just leave me alone"i said

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