Dragon heart,wolf soul

Two teenagers,one dragon,one wolf.Same goal.....


1. prolouge

How can it be?It can't be right,why is this happening?We are not supposed to get along,let alone be related to each other!So why do I belive that I'll never my sibling again?


We're two very different creatures.But one thing keeps me going,the fact that we have the same bloodline.I'm crazy but I live with out fear of dying,nor does my sibling.


Why does whoever is in charge of the universe make us live in the same bloodline?There is no such thing as god,otherwise creatures like us would not excist.


The other problems?We know exactly what the other one of us is thinking,I know that we write the exact lines as my sibling because I can hear them saying it in their mind.


We are inseprable,no matter what these dudes say.

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