The story starts out with grace meeting zayn before x factor. Zayn looses his phone and lost all contact with her for 2 years. Now he comes back home with the other 4 lads to be at his oldest sisters wedding. Grace is there but will they reconnect?

ATTENTION PLEASE: in this story I spell Zayns name Zain because that's what it was before the x factor... Along the way I'm going to change it to the way it's spelled now (Zayn)


13. You Have a Beautiful Voice

Graces P.O.V. 

As he pulled out of my grip i said "You should stay here, you look too tired to survive the ride home and I can not drag you out of a car." I said smartly. " Sure thing" he said, walking towards my bathroom. After Zayn hopped in the shower i ran to grab him some of my dads old clothes he never wore, a read plaid shirt and a pair of my brothers shirts he had left behind from college. Now that I think of it I haven't talked to him in a while. I decided I would call him later, when I was alone for the day. I dropped the clothes off at the bathroom door then I grabbed the first aid kit and the rag and put them in their rightful place. I put the first aid kit under the sink and the rag in the wash. I passed by a mirror on my way through the hallway. Did I really look like that? My mouth hung open seeing how I looked. I had mud in streaks covering my legs, all the way up to my thigh. My hair was also muddy, with leaves stuck in throughout my head. I walked to my room to get my night clothes. I decided to dress a little cuter than I usually would to sleep. I picked out a pair of blue pajama shirts and a white baggy shirt, I had no other night shirts than my dads shirts he got too big for. 
I ran towards my mums bathroom and hopped in as quickly as I could, I wanted to get out before Zain.  I quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair and got out as quick as I got in.I got dressed quickly and put my hair up in a messy bum and headed to the living room where Zain was already sat and watching tv on the sofa. He looked at me as I entered the room. He had a way of somehow making me feel special, just by looking at me. I sat down beside him, he slowly returned his gaze to the tv when the X Factor came back on tv. "Oh I love this show!" I said recognizing the theme music. "you do?" he asked kind if suprised. "I watch it every season" I said happy I had accomplished something. "ya know" he started, "I'm gonna audition for it when it comes near here." hr said with a grin on his face. "you can sing?" I said turning to face him, crossing my legs under me. "Can I hear you sing" I asked. "Sure, what do you want me to sing?" I thought about it for a moment before saying "Baby by Justin Bieber" He turned around to face me.
Zayn's P.O.V. 

"Baby by Justin Bieber"  good I knew that song, Safaa listened to it all the time. I turned to face her. "You know you love me, I know you care Just shout whenever, and I'll be there" i was slowly leaning in as i sang, looking straight into her eyes. "You are my love, you are my heart And we will never, ever, ever be apart" I was now lost in the music, and lost in her eyes, I couldn't look away, she was so beautiful she leaned towards me as I leaned into her.
"Are we an item? Girl, quit playin' "We're just friends," what are you sayin'?" our lips were now inches apart and I could feel her minty breathe accelerate as I leaned in closer."Said "there's another," and looked right in my eyes My first love broke my heart for the first time 
And I was like baby, baby," she was the one who made the move, she leaned forward, closing the gap between us and our lips. The kiss was slow and gently moving then started to get more deep
Grace's P.O.V. 
He has an amazing voice, I thought.
He was looking my right in the eys while singing. I couldn't take it any longer. I closed the gap between our lips and we kissed gently and passionately. I put both my hands on the side of his neck and slowly rose on my knees, to be at his height. He moved his hands to my waist and slowly he stood up, breaking away from the kiss. I started to pout. He chuckled and with my arms still around his neck he raised me off the couch and into the air, reconnecting our kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel that we started to move out of the light and into my bedroom. He laid me down on the bed, never breaking our kiss and he slowly climbed on top of me, holding himself up with his arms. I grabbed him closer to me, making his arms drop him on me. I rolled on top of him, still not breaking our kiss. I slowly started to kiss his neck, down to the collar of his shirt. His arms were still on my waist,massaging them lightly with his thumbs as I tugged at the bottom of his shirt and he lifted it over his head, revealing his tanned body. I leaned back in to kiss him roughly one last time before I sat up on his waist to stare down at him. "You have a beautiful voice" I said, slightly laughing. He sat up, with me still on his waist and kissed me slowly. Before I rolled off of him and stood up, grabbing a blanket that was now on the floor.  "would you want to sleep in here?" I asked, holding up the blanket. A smile spread across his face and he nodded his head. I crawled towards him on the bed and I snuggled up next to him, resting my head against his warm chest. He pulled me into his lap and kisses me shortly again. After a couple of minutes I said "Zain?" "yeah" he answered. " can you sing me another song?"  "He laughed and said "sure thing", and started singing Happy by never shout never. The last thing I remember was his soothing voice And the sound of his heartbeat
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