The story starts out with grace meeting zayn before x factor. Zayn looses his phone and lost all contact with her for 2 years. Now he comes back home with the other 4 lads to be at his oldest sisters wedding. Grace is there but will they reconnect?

ATTENTION PLEASE: in this story I spell Zayns name Zain because that's what it was before the x factor... Along the way I'm going to change it to the way it's spelled now (Zayn)


3. Man! I Feel Like a woman!

Grace's P.O.V. After Jenny's brilliant idea, I had to get dressed, I was still on my pajama pants and an oversized shirt. I got dressed in a pair of my favorite white jean shorts and a floral tank top. Jenny walked into my room and stopped to stare at me in amazement. "Did you need something?" I asked standing there awkwardly. "Gracie, you look like a princess" she said. I laughed silently at the fact that she thought that white jean shorts were royalty somehow. I walked over to get my ray bans off my dresser, and I took her hand and guided her out the door to the spare car, and strapped her into her seat in the back. "seatbelt?" I asked "check" she said. For some reason that was what we said every time were in the same car. We drove to the library singing along to Shania Twains 'man! I Feel like a Woman!' it didn't take long to get to the library. So when we parked I hopped out immediately and went to unbuckle Jenny. We walked hand in hand to the library. Well I walked, she skipped along. When she suddenly shouted "man! I feel like a woman!" out loud. I stopped her and told her she has to be quiet and respectful in there and we finished walking through the door. I ha a strange feeling the whole time that someone was watching me.  


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