The story starts out with grace meeting zayn before x factor. Zayn looses his phone and lost all contact with her for 2 years. Now he comes back home with the other 4 lads to be at his oldest sisters wedding. Grace is there but will they reconnect?

ATTENTION PLEASE: in this story I spell Zayns name Zain because that's what it was before the x factor... Along the way I'm going to change it to the way it's spelled now (Zayn)


18. Home Alone

Grace's P.O.V 

I could feel Zain take off my shoes for me and he almost caught me looking at him, but instead I quickly turned on my side and waited. I wanted him to climb in my bed, next to me and hold me until I woke up. Instead he picked up an old blanket and placed it over me, and bent down to kiss my jaw, which sent chills down my spine. And then he left and I was alone with my thoughts, I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep that night so i changed into my baggy pajama pants and shirt, then went to my kitchen and grabbed some peanut butter and jelly and smoothed them together into a sandwich. I sat down at my kitchen table and slowly ate my sandwich. 'Where are my parents?' I thought. Nobody was home, only me. For some reason I don't like being left alone in a big house by myself, there are murderers out in this crazy world, and I don't like talking to myself. So I called my best friend Lacey and told her to come over and spend the night, to which she gladly agreed and started heading towards my house. While I waited I ate another sandwich and decided to take my makeup off and put my hair in a sleek pony tail. 'Being alone isn't really that bad' I thought. 'You can do whatever you want' I decided to look through the pictures on my phone. I looked at the pictures of me and Zain kissing and looking at each other. I was pulled from my wondering mind by the faint noise of my door bell. 'Im here!' someone said in a sing song voice, I knew immediately that it must be Lacey. I opened my front door with a faint smile on my face. Lacey stood there, in her pajamas, no bag and onlTy her. I looked at Lacey, why was she so pretty? She had medium length blonde hair what blue eyes. I had always been secretly jealous of her. After I finished studying her I grabbed my friend into a big bug and squeezed her tight. "Wow, someone must be happy" she said with a grin on her face. "I haven't seen you in forever!" I said, finally letting go. "Well I was on holiday with my parents in Holmes Chapel, and they took my phone and laptop away, they said it would be cleansing, I just think it added to the stress" she said, pushing me aside and walking into the kitchen. "Why would you go on holiday in Holmes Chapel?"I asked, following her. She just shrugged her shoulders, "Make me a sandwich" she ordered me. "Make your own, all the stuff's right there" I said pointing to the food on the table. "I won't talk to you while I'm here if you don't make me a dang sandwich" I knew how demanding she got when she was hungry, and i knew she would follow through with her 'no talking' rule so I started making the sandwich. As I was making it she was grinning very wide, "what?" I asked in confusion. "I met a guy" she said sitting down in the dining room chair with the grin still on her face. "What's his name?" I taunted. "His names Harry, and he's just sooo amazing" she said. "Tell me something about him" I said, spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread. "He has curly hair" she said matter of factly, still grinning. "And..." I continued on. "His family's really nice" she added. "Dang! How long were you down there?" I asked surprised. "About a month" she replied. I handed her her sandwich which made the room get quiet. She talked all the time, except when she had food, which was an often broken rule. "You have to tell me ALL about him" I said, leading her to the living room, and putting a blanket on the floor. We sat on the blanket and she finished eating her sandwich
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