A scrapbook of memories

Jack had everything to live for on the day he gazed into his wife's intoxicating eyes whilst saying the few little words that would change his life 'I do.' Yet who was to foretell that due to his newly wedded wife's death, Jack would end up with a life of misery and distraught, with only his memories to cherish. Until his little princess would turn Jack's life upside down!


3. The scrapbook stays closed


Unfortunately, as a narrator, i can not change the story. Regrettable to say within a few hours after jack had his baby, his wife passed away unexpectedly. Obviously Jack was devastated and heart broken, and this caused the abandonment of the baby as it grew up. As every time jack looked into the baby's eyes he only saw his wife, and that was to much for jack to take. So jacks mother looked after the baby Samantha, and with that time sped by. Before jack knew it he was a granddad, who could no longer take care of himself, and had to leave his family home. Now jack lives in a old people's home where he is fed and washed, and now he became the man with a black and white life.



When my wife died the world stopped. Why would i want photo's of me by myself, to remind me of my depressing days. I barely have a steady enough hand to hold a drink, let alone take a picture; and with that the scrap book stayed closed. 

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