A scrapbook of memories

Jack had everything to live for on the day he gazed into his wife's intoxicating eyes whilst saying the few little words that would change his life 'I do.' Yet who was to foretell that due to his newly wedded wife's death, Jack would end up with a life of misery and distraught, with only his memories to cherish. Until his little princess would turn Jack's life upside down!


4. The miracle


Months, years passed by and jack was becoming weaker and weaker. He could no longer control his body, and needed constant help. The doctors thought that he did not have much longer to live, and he needed a miracle. For that miracle was a little girl... named Katie.

                                                                                                     January 2009

“Grandpa Jack, Grandpa Jack,” a rather high pitched sound murmurs it's way into my ears. A minuscule hand a slow as a wet weekend places itself onto my lap. Obviously pretending to be asleep with Katie will not work. Little Katie, my daughters first child, is described as more than troublesome. Even if i were asleep, within a minute i would be awaken by her high pitched squeals. “Grandpa jack, what are you doing with those pictures? Why are they not in colour? Can i colour them in Grandpa jack?” asks Katie, in a rather intrusive way.

“ These are all of my photo's that include the best days of my life,” explained Jack.

“ I am in this one Grandpa Jack, look look there i am when i was a baby!” exclaimed Katie who was overjoyed by her discovery. “ How many photo's do you have Grandpa Jack?”

I deliberated for a moment , before answering “ a fair few.”


With that jack knew that Katie would help him for the better. Days and weeks were spent restoring the pictures in the scrap book and even more were added. 

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