A scrapbook of memories

Jack had everything to live for on the day he gazed into his wife's intoxicating eyes whilst saying the few little words that would change his life 'I do.' Yet who was to foretell that due to his newly wedded wife's death, Jack would end up with a life of misery and distraught, with only his memories to cherish. Until his little princess would turn Jack's life upside down!


6. A scrapbook of memories


                                                                                              December 12 th 2011

Suddenly an eight year old Katie, exclaims who is now completely insane after having a sugar rush “Smile Grandpa!”

Flash! Katie's camera blinds my vision once more.

“ How did i look Katie?” I Inquired

“Still as funny as ever,” mocked Katie who was now pulling hysterical faces at her grandfather, whilst playing with her party balloons. For now another year has gone, I thought, who is counting?



With that Jack learned to live that life is what you make of it not necessarily what happens. With that the scrap book containing photo's will always be full ;with memories that Jack is proud to have. He will always remember his wife, no doubt about it.

For he now has a scrapbook of memories

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