A scrapbook of memories

Jack had everything to live for on the day he gazed into his wife's intoxicating eyes whilst saying the few little words that would change his life 'I do.' Yet who was to foretell that due to his newly wedded wife's death, Jack would end up with a life of misery and distraught, with only his memories to cherish. Until his little princess would turn Jack's life upside down!


5. A new life


Life no longer stands still for jack now, when he used to simply watch the world go past him. He inevitably would do anything to go back in time and change his past. But that is not so simple. Katie reminded him of what he was like when he was younger, and she always brought out his happy side. I am pleased to say that Katie visits her Grandpa most days, and is always taking photo's. However this time the photos are in colour; to remind jack of his new life. 

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