A scrapbook of memories

Jack had everything to live for on the day he gazed into his wife's intoxicating eyes whilst saying the few little words that would change his life 'I do.' Yet who was to foretell that due to his newly wedded wife's death, Jack would end up with a life of misery and distraught, with only his memories to cherish. Until his little princess would turn Jack's life upside down!


1. 'I do'


                                                                                                                                                                           January 2nd 1972

Flash! An intense, white shining light blinds my vision. I force my eyes open, trying not to blink, whilst trying to keep my 'camera' smile, hoping that I look at the very least relatively normal. In that very short moment, I could say that, i was the most nervous and apprehensive i had ever been in my entire life..... so far. Stood there, gazing at my beautiful fiancée, staring into her intoxicating, stunning blue eyes. Seeing into her soul was the most magical and surreal moment ever. From that moment I knew that both of us wanted this more than ever. Perfect. Her chocolate brown hair surrounded her petite shoulders perfectly lining her face. Her smile, expressing our happiness, and i mirror this, by smiling back allowing the two little words to slip freely from my desiccated lips. The words that would change my life forever. To bond me and my fiancée, for better, or for worse. “I do!”


With this memory a single tear rolled down jacks face. For who could have know that, in less than a year he would no longer have his wife beside him any more.


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