<3 you're a Janoskian right? <3

when Jai Brooks falls for Alyssa Brown the new girl he realises she has a secret


2. new school


“Alyssa, get up or u will be late for your first day at school" my dad said from the top of the stairs.

I had been awake all night, dreading my first day of school. I had never been  the  new girl  before, especially for my last year of school.   I was seventeen, and after all those years of schooling with same kids, I was the weird new kid.  But it wasn’t like I had any friends anyway in Northern Ireland.

  The school I was going to seemed big. I was exceedingly nervous, but I got changed into my new school uniform anyway: white button down shirt, skirt,  tie,  navy  blue blazer, and knee high socks.  

I felt like a snobby rich kid, and I didn’t like it.  

I ate breakfast alone in the kitchen.

 Dad was probably already at the bar because he was off that day.

 Mum was probabally dropping my little brother off to school.   

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my purple backpack, picked up my new iphone, and started walking to the school, which was only a few blocks away.   


Well, this should be a great day…  
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