<3 you're a Janoskian right? <3

when Jai Brooks falls for Alyssa Brown the new girl he realises she has a secret


6. my new video idea


“Alyssa?” a familiar Aussie accent called.  I whipped my head around to see Luke Brooks standing there.  I grinned. “Oh, hey, Jai,” I said.  I noticed that his twin brother Luke and some of his friends were there.  I knew right away that they were in the Janoskians. “Guys, this is Alyssa Brown,” Jai  said, introducing me to the group.  “She’s a new student.”  I smiled. “Well, that’s my title now, of course,” I joked. “Alyssa, you know Luke.  That’s my older brother, Beau, and our friends James and Daniel.  Daniel goes by Skip though,” Jai said, going down the line of the teenagers standing against the brick wall of some store. “Hey,” I said.  “Your videos of hilarious.” “Jai's in love with you,” Skip said randomly.  Jai and I both blushed. “I am not!” Jai defended himself, much more like a five year old than a sixteen year old. “Oh, so are you saying I’m not good enough for you to be in love with me?” I said, feeling hurt.  I was pretty shy, but I could be sarcastic when I wanted to. “No!” Jai said.  “No, not at all, but I just don’t like you like that.”   Everybody, including me, laughed at Jai. “I’m just kidding,” I said.  “So are you guys filming a new video?”  I noticed that James was holding a video camera. “We’re actually trying to think of new ideas,” Luke said.  “We haven’t really made one in a while because we’ve been so busy.” “I actually do have an idea,” I said.  The Janoskian’s faces lit up like the sun. “Really?!” Beau said.  “Jai, I approve of Alyssa.”  I laughed. “I’ll tell it to you only if you let me in the video,” I said, thinking of that on the spot.  I had always wanted to be in a video like that anyway, and that was my chance. “Okay!” Skip said.  “Now what is it?” “Basically you go around carrying a bunch of papers and crap, and then you drop them all over, but when someone comes to help you, you just get up and walk away,” I said.  Everyone laughed. “That’s perfect!” James said.  “But it’s getting kind of late and I told Mum I’d be home for dinner, so why don’t we film tomorrow?”  Everyone nodded. “Okay,” I said.  “Do you guys want my number or something?”  I exchanged numbers with all of them, and then I started walking away.  I wasn’t going home though Later that night, at about eleven o’clock, I walked back home.  I was sure that by then Dad would be past out on the couch with a bottle of beer in his hand, mum would be watching tv and my little brother would be on the Xbox in his room.  
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