<3 you're a Janoskian right? <3

when Jai Brooks falls for Alyssa Brown the new girl he realises she has a secret


3. Jai's POV


“Luke, hurry up!  We’re going to be late!” I screamed through our front door.  Luke ran out and started sprinting down the street.  First hour was supposed to start in fifteen minutes, so I chased after Luke.   We got to school at record time.  It was only the second day, and we were already late.  Great.    Luke and I had different classes for first hour, so I went to Mr. Walsh’s math class on the third floor.   Mr. Walsh was already in the middle of his lesson when I arrived at the door.  “Oh, Jai, I’m glad you decided to join us,” Walsh said sternly.  I smiled shyly.   “I’m sorry, sir,” I said, taking my usual seat at the back of the classroom.  I pulled out my notebook and tried to figure out what Walsh was talking about.   There was a little knock on the door, making everyone look towards it as a petite girl came walking in, her bright blue eyes scanning the room nervously.   “Are you Alyssa?” Mr. Walsh asked, surprising nicely.  She nodded.   “Yeah,” she said.  “Alyssa Brown.”   “Oh, well welcome to Australia,” Mr. Walsh said.  “Northern Irish?”  Alyssa nodded.  “You can sit right in the empty seat next to Jai, Ms. Brown.”  The new girl named Alyssa walked down the aisle, throwing me a weak smile as she slid into the seat.   I noticed right away that she was really pretty.  She wasn’t hot, but she was beautiful, if you know what I mean.  Her hair was long and light brown.  Her eyes were a really bright blue that stood out against her clear Tanned skin.  She was really tiny and thin too.  
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