<3 you're a Janoskian right? <3

when Jai Brooks falls for Alyssa Brown the new girl he realises she has a secret


5. going out


“Dad, mum, Sam?” I called nervously as I walked through the front door of the new house.  No answer.  “Are any of you home?”  Still no answer. Well, at least I would be able to at least eat something and do my homework before he came home.  Maybe I would even be able to give myself a tour of the neighborhood and come home late at night.  I ran up the staircase to my bedroom to get changed and work on my homework.  I was very fashionable, but I didnt really know the Austrailian style, so I put on some high waist jean shorts, my white all star converse and a cute blue tank top. We didn’t have much homework of course, with it being the second day.  In about a half hour, I was putting the money I had saved up for the move in my purse and starting to walk. I had no idea where I was going, but I didn’t mind.  I liked wandering around for some reason.  You never knew where you’d end up. I came to a really busy street with a bunch of shops and people walking around.  I spun around slowly, trying to find somewhere to go, like a café.   
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