Fate (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Warning: This story may contain many harsh scenes and curse/swear words.

Meghan. Officially 18 years old. Dip-dyed brown hair.
I have something to say now, just a few words, and I think it can describe my horrible life story.

X Factor. One Direction. Best Friends. Caroline Flack. Betrayal. Love.
Those ten words will help you through my story.
The story, I will never regret telling to everyone, because this story? Its worth hearing, at least I think.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, because if you don't, then stop listening.
Why did I mention Caroline Flack? She's my mother.
Meaning me? I'm Meghan Flack, her daughter. I was second placer in the X Factor, the same year One Direction was on it. They were my best friends until my mother had to ruin our relationship and they betrayed me saying the worst things, until one day, I bump into them, and I keep up my hatred for them. But there's a thin line in between love and hate. Will I be able to keep myself on the side of hatre


17. The Last Time I Saw You.


The day after his birthday, which was Christmas, Louis and I went out for lunch on Oxford Road.

"Merry Christmas, love." Louis said to me, taking ahold of my hand,

"Merry Christmas, LouBear," I smiled,

We were eating at the same cafe he took me to on our first date. Marmalade Cafe.

I took a sip of coffee after finishing the pastry he ordered for me, I still didn't know what the sweet sponge was.

Maybe it was cake, or a cupcake. I'm not really sure.

I signalled for the waiter, asking for the bill as Louis took out his wallet.

The waiter dropped off the leather envelope on our table and left.

Louis carefully placed the multi-colored European pounds into the leather envelope and stood up, and pulled my chair out.

Hand-in-hand, we walked out of the small cade, looking at the other stores as we passed.

He looked at me, and my gaze drifted from the store's window, which held a dress I would love to wear on my birthday, and my eyes fell into his gaze at me.

He leaned in as I turned my head, and his lips landed softly on my cheek.

"You're such a tease," he laughed,

"I try," I chuckled,

We passed more shops, and bought a couple of things as gifts for his family,

We were walking deeper down the road, and I noticed a person hiding in the shadows of an alleyway nearby, just about twenty steps away.

Ten steps later, I heard a loud noise, a kind of noise that could deafen ones hearing.

I felt a sharp and tight pain on my chest, and looked down to see blood dripping from my white shirt onto my oxfords.

Everything from that moment slowed down by the second.

I saw a bright light which faded away a few moments afterwards.

I fell into Louis' arms.

He knelt down, crying out my name, trying to shake me awake.

I knew I was going to fade away slowly, he probably just didn't know it.

My pulse slowed down by the millisecond, 

"I love you, Louis." I mumbled, before I slowly fell towards an eternal pit of sleep,

"Don't die, Meghan! Please, don't die!" I heard Louis' cries,

"I love you more, Meghan. I love you more." He whispered.

That was the last thing I heard.



I was dead.




Louis' POV.

"Meghan, she was an amazing person. She wasn't self-centered, she forgave easily. Although when she got pissed, she got pissed. Besides that, she was a happy-go-lucky girl, who was carefree and an amazing girlfriend. I loved her with all my heart, and I'm glad that I had my time with her." I said at the stand,

Today was Meghan's funeral. 

There she lay in the brown coffin, steady and still. Pale as a vampire, only the makeup made her look healthier.

No pulse, not a single breath or a heartbeat came from the one I love.

"Thank you," I breathed, stepping down from the stand as the priest took my place. I stood in front of the coffin, looking at the formerly happy girl that I loved, still love. She was now pale as stone in the red dress that she wore inside the brown coffin.

The girl I love, is now dead.

I had to accept that.

"I love you, Meghan. Forever and always." I mumbled, as I bent down to kiss her forehead,

I could hear her last words to me, the four words that I would forever cherish in my heart.

"I love you, Louis."

I could still hear her voice, in my head. The sweet voice that I felt the need to hear every morning when I woke up, and when I didn't hear it, I would be sad because I knew I missed her.

Like right now.

I miss her.

And I miss her voice.

Her grey eyes.

Her blonde hair, that she has the tendency to dye most of the time.

Her full pink lips, which she loves to color red.

Her wonderful laugh, that I would trade anything to hear everyday.

The way she would space out because a song came into mind.

The smile on her face when she writes a happy song.

The anger she has when she writes a song about revenge or sadness.

I miss all of that.

And most importantly, I miss her.

I miss Meghan Flack.




Oh, how I do.







Author's Note:

And that is the end of Fate.





And Hannah (Marfaaaa-Horaaan!) knows what both are already.


Epilogue is now up! Mwah! :)))



Lauren Sason

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