Fate (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Warning: This story may contain many harsh scenes and curse/swear words.

Meghan. Officially 18 years old. Dip-dyed brown hair.
I have something to say now, just a few words, and I think it can describe my horrible life story.

X Factor. One Direction. Best Friends. Caroline Flack. Betrayal. Love.
Those ten words will help you through my story.
The story, I will never regret telling to everyone, because this story? Its worth hearing, at least I think.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, because if you don't, then stop listening.
Why did I mention Caroline Flack? She's my mother.
Meaning me? I'm Meghan Flack, her daughter. I was second placer in the X Factor, the same year One Direction was on it. They were my best friends until my mother had to ruin our relationship and they betrayed me saying the worst things, until one day, I bump into them, and I keep up my hatred for them. But there's a thin line in between love and hate. Will I be able to keep myself on the side of hatre


13. State of Grace.

"Sel, he won't, I promise." I said to her over the phone,

"Are you sure? I don't want your heart to be broken again. The last time that happened..." she trailed off,

"It won't. He won't hurt me or my heart ever again," I sighed, "He's changed, I promise." 

"Okay, well, I gotta go now sweetie, I have to prepare dinner." she said, "Oh, and congratulations, I heard your mom bought you your own home to live in." 

"Thanks," I smiled, and she ended the call.

I was still in the studio, as I was called to the office and I decided to drop by.

It's been a week and I've spent the whole time spending my days with the boys, and writing songs.

I didn't hate them anymore, not for a single thing. I knew it just wasn't worth it.

"I'm in the state of grace," I muttered,

And that's when it got to me. 

State of Grace.

Grabbing a music sheet, a pen and my guitar, I started playing and writing down lyrics,

"I'm walking fast through the traffic lights 

Busy streets and busy lives 
And all we know is touch and go 
We are alone with our changing minds 
We fall in love till it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time 

And I never saw you coming 
And I’ll never be the same,"  And I was stuck,

"Knock knock!" I heard voices chorus against the door with a slight banging together with it,

"Come in!" I called as my palm wrapped itself around my forehead and I frowned at the music sheet, as they walked in, I frustratedly dropped my pen,

"You okay, love?" Louis asked as he sat on the couch next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder,

"No, I'm stuck." I said, dropping my head on his shoulder as I leaned back,

"Maybe we could help you?" Niall questioned,

"That's it." I said, my face lighting up as my body shot up from its slumped position,

"What?" Liam asked,

"I was thinking..." I said, "We could do a duet!" Me and Louis exclaimed together, and we looked at each other with lit up eyes and high-fived,

"Tell us how it goes," Zayn said,

I started playing the intro and sang after a while,

"I’m walking fast through the traffic lights

Busy streets and busy lives
And all we know is touch and go
We are alone with our changing minds
We fall in love till it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time

And I never saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same,"

"That was great!" Harry gasped,

"Yeah, but I'm stuck! Help me write!" I groaned,

"Maybe you could say, You come around and the armor falls, pierce the room like a cannon ball," Louis said then sang,

"Now all we know, is don’t let go, we're alone just you and me," Niall sang in the tune of the music,

"Up in your room and our slates are clean, just twin fire signs, four blue eyes," I sang and smiled,

"So you were never a saint, and I love the Sade’s are wrong," I continued,

"We learn to live with the pain, mostly of broken hearts," Zayn mused,

"But this love is raging and wild," Liam caroled,

"And I never (never) saw you coming,
And I’ll never be the same again, 
This is a state of grace,
This is a worth while fight,
Love is a ruthless game," I sang,

"Unless you play it good and right,
These are the hands of fate,
You’re my Achilles heel," Louis continued,

"This is the golden age of something good,
And right and real,
And I never saw you coming,
And I’ll never be the same." I finished,

"We finished a song. I can't believe it. We actually finished a song, for the first time, in two years." I smiled, delighted at what I've said,

"Although this one will be recorded by only you," the boys said to me after a moment,

"What? Why? I thought we were doing a group song? One Direction featuring Meghan or something like that," I asked confusedly,

"Because we decided it would be best if only you sing it. It matches you better." Louis said before he kissed my temple,

"Yeah, only you." Niall continued,

"Thank you, all of you, for helping me." I smiled at them,

"It's not a problem Meg," Liam said, "Boys, we've got to go. It's already been an hour, Simon wants us to be in our booth in 30 minutes,"

They'd all agreed they didn't want to be late, so they left me, but before they left, Louis grabbed my wrist,

"Dinner tonight?" he asked,

"Sure," I beamed at him.

And with that, I had a dinner to attend.


I was standing in my new home, where Selena had been to unpack most of my things while I was at the studio.

I gaped at the entrance, my mother telling me it was a 'house' was a total understatement. It was more like a mansion.

When you enter the front door, you'd be engulfed with spirits in the black and white interior, a black and white checkered marble tiled floor, a sweeping left and right staircase before your eyes, a lamp chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, underneath the chandelier was a glass table laying on a brown wooden stand, and laying on the middle of the table was a vase of roses and in front of the vase was a white platter that said 'Flack' in cursive writing in the middle. Behind the table, a few meters back, you'd find open doors that would lead you to the dining room.

The dining room was a whole different story, it was also very... large.

Three different chandeliers hung from the ceiling, brown and white curtains covered the wall sized windows, different white-paneled windows were on top of these wall sized windows. The dining table was a vintage brown oak-wood table, that could seat 10. The seats were an olive brown, with gold curves gliding gracefully around them.

In the kitchen, it was white-themed, checkered tile room. Two islands stood in the middle, with walking space in between, it had many drawers and cabinets on both that could hold platters, glasses, utensils and many other things, white chandeliers hung above these islands. In the corner of the room you'd find a counter where the white stove and leaning-down sink was, also on the corner of one of the islands was another sink. Laying on the islands were vases of tulips, wine glasses with fruits, bowls of pineapples, apples and different fruits. One of the islands even had white chairs in front of it. A huge stainless steel fridge stood leaning on a wall across the stove.

Let's skip the others because I think I'm boring you. Onto my room!

It was black and white themed with a black bed frame, four poles stood on each side of the frame, carved with different designs. A black and white striped duvet layed on top of the black sheets with the black and white skull pillow, striped pillow, and different sized pillows of the colors black and white stayed across it. Beside the bed was a huge picture of red lips, my signature color, my lips.

At the end of the bed was a table, with cabinets, where Selena layed my red raybans, black pouch, different books and notebooks, and a vase of red roses.

Across the bed was four different doors, the other two seperate from the other pair. One was my bathroom, which had a gold-and-black lined bathtub, a black-and-gold lined sink, a stand-in shower with glass doors, a toilet (duh!), and a freaking water fountain beside the freaking sink.

The other pair held my closet, which happened as mom chose, was a walk-in one. It held all of my clothes, from music videos, casual outings, dates, red carpet events, awards shows and my pajamas. It also held all my jewelry, bags and shoes.

Which happened to be a lot of Doc Martens.

After an hour, of which I spent my time describing this to you, I started to change into what I'd wear to dinner.


It's been an hour, and now its 5 o' clock.

I stood in the middle of my closet, looking at the many choices and possibilities of clothes that I could wear, but none seemed to get me to like them.

I decided it was time that I call Myri. Myri is my 19 year old best friend, who had bright red hair, green eyes that change colors depending on her mood, and a model who never seems to stop laughing. She'd be shy around new people, but when you really know her, she's the most confident person you'll ever meet. It's quite amusing, really.

I grabbed my phone and rung her, 

"Myri?" I asked when the dial tone ended,

"Meghan! Hey!" She exclaimed,

"I need help. Code Red. I'm at my new house," I said to her,

"I'll be there in like, a minute. You do know you live right across me now, right?" she asked,

Facepalm moment. I am the stupidest person in the entire universe right now. Like seriously.

"Yeah, just come over," I groaned.

In a few minutes, she was in my room, wearing a grey jumper that had RAAL (Royal Academy of Arts London) printed on it, and skinny jeans. For a model, Myri was pretty laid back.

She found me sitting cross-legged on the floor of my closet and hugged me. 

Myri chose a cream colored crochet dress by Reiss, a thin grey belt, and brown oxford heels from the racks, I changed and she curled my blonde curls.

The makeup she applied was simple, a shadowy eye color, black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick.


After a while, Myri left and the clock had hit 7:30. The time I was supposed to be picked up. 

Exactly thirty seconds after I said that, the doorbell rang. It was Louis.

"Louis!" I said as I hugged him and he held me up, my legs still hanging in the air,

"Meghan!" He exclaimed hugging me closer,

"Shall we go?" I asked as he put me down,

"Yes, we shall!" He said in a posh accent, wherein he bowed down, "My car is parked across the street, I didn't want to park in your new garage just yet," 

"That's fine, let's go!" I mused,

As we crossed my street, to the front of Myri's home, we held hands, swinging it along as we walked.

The last thing I saw before blacking out was a bright light, and Louis trying to shake me awake screaming my name with tears streaming from his eyes.

It's too late now.







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Lauren Sason <3 

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