Fate (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Warning: This story may contain many harsh scenes and curse/swear words.

Meghan. Officially 18 years old. Dip-dyed brown hair.
I have something to say now, just a few words, and I think it can describe my horrible life story.

X Factor. One Direction. Best Friends. Caroline Flack. Betrayal. Love.
Those ten words will help you through my story.
The story, I will never regret telling to everyone, because this story? Its worth hearing, at least I think.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, because if you don't, then stop listening.
Why did I mention Caroline Flack? She's my mother.
Meaning me? I'm Meghan Flack, her daughter. I was second placer in the X Factor, the same year One Direction was on it. They were my best friends until my mother had to ruin our relationship and they betrayed me saying the worst things, until one day, I bump into them, and I keep up my hatred for them. But there's a thin line in between love and hate. Will I be able to keep myself on the side of hatre


6. Didn't Recognize Her.


"Finally, she's stopped being a bitch and forgave us," I heard Harry whisper into Zayn's ear,

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" I shouted, dropping the glass that was in my hand, as it shattered into pieces,

"N..Nothing." Harry answered,

"I HEARD YOU! YOU CALLED ME A BITCH!" I shouted, angrier this time,

"Nice going Harry," Louis muttered,

I walked slowly up to Harry, and when I was close enough, my fist came in contact with his face.

Seconds later, he was on the floor, his hand cupping his jaw.

"That's what you get for calling me a bitch, right after I forgave you," I mumbled,

I ran up the stairs, quickly grabbing a huge purple duffle bag and stuffing clothes, underwear, shoes and toiletries inside it, together with my makeup and perfumes.

The duffel bag was huge anyways, so it held 8 days worth of clothes and underwear, 4 pairs of shoes, 2 of which were Doc Martens (one high heeled and one flat combat), and 2 pairs of pumps (neon yellow) and low cut purple converse, but I could always borrow from Selena, we had the same foot size, same height too. I had toiletries that could last me 2 weeks and pretty much anything else I need, including my iPod charger, my MacBook, its charger and my phone charger.

I ran down the short amount of stairs with my bag, phone in pocket and they saw me, wait, why were they still here? Eh, I didn't care, really.

"Where you off to?" Claire said,

"Selena's" I answered, opening the front door, and getting my car keys at the same time,

"Gomez?!" Louis asked,

"No." I said flatly and slammed the door,

Getting into my car, I backed up from the garage and drove out of the driveway,

I react quickly when people say bad things about me, most especially when its right in front of me,

Driving my way to my best friend Selena Olsen's, who was at my birthday party too, house, I didn't notice tears streaming down my cheeks,

Selena Olsen, she had the same dip-dyed hair as me, but hers was pink and purple, we decided to get it at the same time, which was two years ago. 

Yes, before I went home I dropped by Milan's and had my hair dyed, again, but this time my whole head of hair was blue with blonde highlights. 

But nobody really cared what my hair color was, because it usually changes colors, but mostly the dip-dyes.

I didn't tell you because I didn't want to.

Back to Selena, she was my height, 5'7, she's 18 years old, like me, just a few days younger, as she was born January 4. She had olive skin and piercing green eyes.

I've been describing her too much that I hadn't realized I was already here.

Walking into the lobby of her flat's building, the doorman, Norman (ironic how it rhymes), noticed and recognised me, then let me in.

"Nor, is Selena here?" I asked Norman, we were quite close, as I came here often when I was younger,

"Yeah, just upstairs," he said,

I went inside the elevator and found the speakers playing my song, Kiss. Ironic how I wrote that song before I even had my first kiss. Ironic how I haven't even had my first kiss yet.

I knocked on Selena's door, hoping she'd answer right away. I heard a foot stumble on a table and the door swung open,

"Selena! Are you okay?" I asked as she opened the door,

"Meghan! Yeah, I'm fine," She answered,

"Selena, can I stay here for the rest of the week? Maybe two?" I asked, as I hugged her,

"Yeah! Why not? Hell, you could stay here for the rest of the year if you want to!" She exclaimed,

"Somethings happened," I said as I walk into her apartment,

"What is it sweetie?" she asked, sitting down next to me on her cream colored sofa, in front of the television that was playing a rerun of Friends.

"Two Words." I sighed,

"One.Direction." she uttered, 'Two Words' was our codename for One Direction when we didn't want to say it out loud, especially to people who didn't know me. Hell, we even had codenames for each of the members.

 "Cursed name! Don't ever say that again!" I exclaimed,

"I'm sorry, what did Two Words do to you?" she asked,

"They bumped into me, I hated them. They were invited to my party, I profusely ignored them. They came to my house, I forgave them. Cat called me a bitch, and now I'm here!" I said frustratedly,

Cat was our name for Harry, we were just weird like that. 

"Awh, Meghan. It's going to be okay. I know you can be at sensitive points occasionally, Cat just hit your nerve, the last one that you had for them, without letting the other nerves heal first." she said soothingly,

"Oh, how I hope this is all just over." I groaned,

"No, Meghan. You are not gonna start doing that again." she said,

Yes, I cut myself, but really thin, nothing deep. No where near deep, actually.

"I'll go get you some water, okay honey?" Selena asked, I nodded in frustration of what was happening right now,

She came back, moments later with a glass of water in her hands, delightful.

Quickly gulping down the water, more tears stained my cheeks, roaming my cheeks, probably wondering where to land.

"Stop crying, Meghan." Selena said, hugging me as I bent my head, lying it on her shoulder,

"Okay," I mumbled,

"Why don't you go change? It's just about lunch time and we'll go out,"  she asked,

"Yeah, sure." I said, walking over to the settled duffel bag on the floor, grabbing the clothes inside, which was a black rose crop top bralet, going above my belly button, an elastic waist royal blue chiffon maxi skirt that went on my waist,  a Reed Krakoff black mini shoulder bag, and beige Doc Martens Elevate Marcie 10- Eye.

I combed my now-blue hair, untangling it to its tips and tied it to a high, formal bun, like my birthday, then freshened up, washing my face and brushing my teeth. Moving onto changing into the clothes.

I grabbed my white iPhone in its red "PAINT THE TOWN RED" case (I just bought it, thought it was cool *shrugs*)

I know I heard the doorbell ring and Selena answering, but I didn't mind, it wasn't like it was One Direction or anything. They don't even know where Selena lives. Maybe it was Justin, Selena's boyfriend. Ironic how Selena has the same first name as Selena Gomez and Justin has the same first name as Justin Bieber. And Selena and Justin (my friends) were a couple too

I put on some makeup. Concealer and powder, which complimented my pale skin. Eyeliner and mascara, to make my eyes look darker than they already were. Kevyn Aucoin Forever in matte and my "love" nail art was still complete and intact, so I was fine. This may have not really been my style, so much concealer and eye makeup and lipstick, but that's what I was going for. A change, just like my hair. 

I put my iPhone and my wallet inside my black shoulder bag and put on the Silver John Lennon style glasses that was inside my purse.

Walking out the bathroom door, I was greeted by a surprise.

A surprise I didn't want, because I didn't want to see any of them.

One Direction talking to Selena, begging for me to talk to them, Selena just shaking her head no.


The heavy wedge-heels on my shoes, clapping with the ground.

They glanced at me, the now blue-and-blonde-highlighted-haired girl, wearing the dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick (which was one of the ones I usually use besides pink and beige), pale skinned girl, in the John Lennon glasses.

"Who are you?" Louis croaked out,

I decided to tell them who I was, but not to forgive them that easily. They can't get off that early. Our last fight took me two whole years to completely forgive them.

"Meghan." I sighed,

"Meghan...?" Niall continued,

"FLACK! MEGHAN FLACK!" I screamed in frustration,

Maybe they didn't recognize me because I looked different?

Agh, I don't really care.

"Meghan?! That's you?! Wh.. What happened to your hair?!" Liam exclaimed,

"Liam, I dyed it, obviously. And, I changed. I'm not the same Meghan you saw only a few hours ago," I said,

"But you look so different," Zayn uttered,

"I don't really care," I said, crossing my arms on my chest,

"I'm sorry," Harry muttered,

"And like I said, I don't really care, because you're not forgiven." I huffed, grabbing Selena by the arm, as she was dressed, taking two coats, her purse and the car keys out with me.

With that, I strut my way out the door, Selena right in front of me.

Leaving the unforgiven boy band named One Direction, locked in my best friends home.








Author's Note:

And with that, I leave you a cliffhanger,

Leave comments and likes.

And I'm really into the Pierces now, especially their song Secret.


Okay. bye now :))



Lots of Love,

Lauren Sason xoxo :))

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