Fate (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Warning: This story may contain many harsh scenes and curse/swear words.

Meghan. Officially 18 years old. Dip-dyed brown hair.
I have something to say now, just a few words, and I think it can describe my horrible life story.

X Factor. One Direction. Best Friends. Caroline Flack. Betrayal. Love.
Those ten words will help you through my story.
The story, I will never regret telling to everyone, because this story? Its worth hearing, at least I think.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, because if you don't, then stop listening.
Why did I mention Caroline Flack? She's my mother.
Meaning me? I'm Meghan Flack, her daughter. I was second placer in the X Factor, the same year One Direction was on it. They were my best friends until my mother had to ruin our relationship and they betrayed me saying the worst things, until one day, I bump into them, and I keep up my hatred for them. But there's a thin line in between love and hate. Will I be able to keep myself on the side of hatre


16. Camry the Husky and the Granturismo Maserati.


I woke up the next morning and looked to my left, and saw the alarm clock.

DECEMBER 23, 2012, 9:39 AM

Oh God. Tomorrow is Louis' birthday!

He was no longer on the bed, so I ran into the bathroom and started a quick shower. The suds of the shampoo had lingered into my eyes, which equalled me into crying and writhering in pain.

Once I was able to finish, I ran out the bathroom and into my closet.

Slipping on mustard shorts, a white v-neck shirt, brown oxfords and a pearl necklace, I grabbed a brown satchel and my shades, together with my phone and ran out the door.

I ran downstairs and into the kitchen. Little did I know that everyone was having breakfast there.

"Morning," I said, going over to the pantry and grabbing a granola bar,

"Morning!" Louis shouted,

"Good Morning," the rest chorused,

I walked briskly to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, then rushed out of the kitchen. I could easily identify that all of them were following me,

"Where are you going?" Liam asked as I opened the door,

"Out." I said, walking out,

"Where is out?" Treanna questioned,

"A place." I answered, my head poking through the door as I closed it shut.

Getting into my car, I drove out of the driveway and to the mall.


"Hi, can I order a customized mug?" I asked the saleslady,

"What would it say?" She said venomously,

"155204, I Love You Louis. In the color black." I answered,

"Alright, come back in about two hours, it will be ready by then." She smiled,

"Thank you," I said,

I walked out of the shop called It's Personal! and into a small coffee shop called The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

Sitting down, a waitress came up to me.

"Hey, aren't you Meghan Flack?" She asked,

"Yeah, I am." I smiled,

"Well, what would you like?"

"I'll get an Iced Caramel Macchiato with Raspberry syrup. Oh, and make it decaf." I said,

"Alright, I'll be right back."

I waited, and while I did, I was calling everyone I had to.


"Jo? It's Meghan." I said,

"Hey Meg! How've you been?"

"I've been great, how about you?"

"Been great too. Will you be coming for Louis' birthday this year? The girls miss you terribly!"

"I was actually thinking, since my parents bought a house, a rather large one in fact, that you could all just come here and we'll celebrate Louis' birthday."

"But how? His birthday is tomorrow."

"I can charter a flight."

"On a private jet? Meghan, you don't have to."

"It's alright. Start packing for a two week stay here in London. Your flight will be tonight."

"Alright. Thank you so much Meghan."

"You're welcome Jo."

I stayed in the coffee shop for three more hours just making calls to Louis' friends, family, the caterer, the host, the entertainer, the performers, the magician (to Claire's request), the organizers, my friends who work for a private jet company just to charter flights for everyone who was in different countries by tonight, and my friends who work in a hotel for the people who would be flying in tonight to stay in for the night, or flying in tomorrow and needed somewhere to stay until the party.

As I walked back to It's Personal! to pick up the mug, I passed a pet shop, and a certain dog caught my eye.

A Siberian Husky puppy that had one blue eye, and one brown eye.

It was a puppy.

It was cute.

It was a dog.

That I knew Louis would like.

Its black and white fur mixed together. It looked so sleek, and cute.

I walked into the shop, unknowingly and went up to the saleslady who had blue hair and grey eyes, she reminded me of myself when I had blue hair.

"Who's that?" I asked, pointing to the husky,

"That's Camry. No one has gotten her, because they said she's so expensive. If you get her, we can have her name changed and everything."

"I'll get her," I smiled,

I made sure to choose all the right things, a red cage for the dog, because red was Louis' favorite color.

A red dog bowl, and a blue and brown collar, to match Camry's eyes.

"Okay, so you'll send her over to my house tomorrow at 11 o' clock in the evening, with the cage and everything?" I asked, filling out the forms,

"Yeah," she answered, "I'm Cleo, by the way,"

"Meghan." I smiled, shaking her hand,

"I know, I'm a big fan of your music," she said,

"Well, tomorrow, when you drop of Camry, would you like to stay a little while during the party?"

"That would be an honour!" She exclaimed,

With that, I smiled, waved goodbye, and walked out of the shop and picked up Louis' mug at It's Personal!.


I went inside more shops, looking around. I had already gotten the mug for Louis, a few shirts and hoodies, a pair of TOMS, a new pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a leather jacket.

Then I saw a car.

A Maserati.

A Black Maserati Granturismo.

He had always told me he wanted one, but he didn't need it.

This was the ultimate twenty-first birthday present.

"Hi there!" The woman in the car shop said,

"Hi, I'd like to get this car." I told her, pointing to the Maserati,

"Okay then! Let's get you this car!" She grinned, leading me to a place where I filled up all of the forms I needed to fill up,

"Uh, so to be clear, this car will be delivered to my house tomorrow at twelve midnight, right?" I asked,

"Yep! Have a nice day, Miss Flack!" She exclaimed,


When I got back home, it was ten at night, everybody else seemed to be asleep.

I hid all of the gifts in the kitchen, behind a door everybody else was afraid to open.

To be honest, its just another closet for food.

I heard a doorbell, and saw that Louis' family, Jo, Mark, Lottie, Georgia, Félicité, Phoebe, and Daisy are standing on my porch.

"Hey, guys! Keep quiet, the rest are asleep. Even Louis is." I said,

"We'll keep quiet. We know this is a surprise," Phoebe whispered, giggling with Daisy,

"Your house is huge," Daisy gushed quietly,

"Well, tomorrow, I'll bring breakfast up to your rooms. No one is allowed to go down until the party. It's a semi-formal party, so wear pretty dresses, and a dress shirt for you, Mark." I said quietly,

"Alright, we're going to bed now. We're really tired. Thank you again, Meghan." Jo said, before pushing them all up the stairs,

"It's really no problem." I smiled,


"Good morning babe," Louis said to me as I arose from my sleep,

"Good morning sweetie," I said, standing up and stretching,

"How was your sleep?" He asked,

"It was great, thanks. How was yours?" I returned the question,

"It was great,"

"Happy Birthday, LouBear," I said, standing up and pecking him on the lips,

"Thanks MeggieBoo," He laughed, kissing me on the lips once more,

We walked out of the room and I fixed up breakfast.

"What would you like, Sir Tomlinson?" I asked with a fake posh accent,

"Toast, hashed beef, and chocolate chip pancakes, please Chef Meghan?" He answered back in the same accent as mine, we both laughed,

I started mixing the flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt in one bowl. I poured the milk into the bowl and stirred. I beat the egg and poured the conclusion into the bowl, and added the chocolate chips into the bowl and stirred.

Letting it rest for a few minutes, I slipped some of the batter onto the oiled and watered pan, letting it cook well enough.

After that was done, I made the toast and hashed beef faster than I made the pancakes.

"This is like watching a cooking show," Louis laughed,

"What? Chef Meghan's Awesome Cooking Show?" I chuckled,

"Could be!" He exclaimed,

I cooked some more food and set it out on the table. I left out seven plates and meals for the people who were secretly staying upstairs.

While Louis wasn't looking, I quickly grabbed a tray and ran up the stairs, dropping by Phoebe and Daisy's rooms first,

"Hey guys, here's your food." I said, smiling, handing them both a plate and a glass of orange juice,

"Thank you," they chorused,

"Welcome," I said, walking out,

I next walked to Lottie, Georgia, and Fizzy's room, "Good morning, girls!" I yelped as I walked in,

"Morning, Meghan," they all groaned, getting up from their beds,

"Here's your breakfast. You all start getting ready at 6 o' clock, sharp, okay?" I said,

"Alright," Fizzy said,

Georgia was usually the outcast, even though him and Louis were biological siblings. Louis couldn't spend a lot of time with Georgia because she was usually with her father, not her mom, Johannah. Which is why Georgia usually didn't fit into the Tomlinson family picture, because she was an Austin, not a Tomlinson. Although Louis and Johannah love her loads. Even I do.

I walked into Johannah and Mark's room and put their breakfast down on the desk.

"Good morning!" I cheered,

"Morning, Meg." They both said getting up,

"Here's your breakfast," I said pointing to the tray on the table, "And be ready by six."

"We will!" They yelled as I walked out,

Time to get Louis out.


Louis went out with the boys to the mall, as the boys said they would be buying Louis his gift. While that was happening, the caterer, organizer, and the host were preparing the house for the party.

The tables were all set up, with nameplates and everything. There was a desert buffet and a sound system and everything.

When everything was prepared, Louis got home, and Harry blindfolded Louis quickly as I led him up the stairs.

"Louis, I'm gonna need you to dress up a bit. Wear a dress shirt and slacks. I'm taking you out to dinner." I said,

"Alright. I'll dress up now." He said, smiling,

While he dressed up, people arrived quickly but quietly, I told them all to stay quiet and hide. I turned off the lights and ran up the stairs.

"Harry, remember, I'll call you, that's the signal that me and Louis are coming down. Count to ten after the call and shout out surprise." I whispered,

Quickly, I changed to a white chiffon dress with a coral shaded stripe in the middle, and black pumps, which made me four inches taller than I already was, as tall as Louis.

I swiped on my famous red lipstick, cat eye type liner, mascara, and blush.

While I was straightening my hair and my fringe, Louis came out. I unplugged everything and said, "Shall we?

"We shall." He said,

We walked out of the room and I called Harry. They were ready.

We walked down the stairs in ten seconds,

"SURPRISE!" His guests shouted,

He looked genuinely surprised,

"You planned all of this?" He asked, looking me in the eye,

"Yep, just yesterday," I answered, looking back at him,

The cake came out. It was a cake with a huge '21' and a figure of Louis. Cupcakes were scattered around in front of it, spelling out 'Happy Birthday Louis!'.

"Happy Birthday, Louis!" The guests started singing, "Happy Birthday, Louis! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Louis!"

I scanned the room to see multiple, about a hundred people around. I could see celebrities, like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, Matt Cardle, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, hell, even I didn't know I invited Simon Cowell!

I told Louis to go and entertain his guests. I just sat at a table and ate food from the buffet beside Niall. But soon after, Niall left and started talking to Claire and Demi. Claire and Demi knew each other, because they were on the same episodes of Barney and Friends as children.


A little while later, after I had talked to a few guests and annoyed Paul, Louis' first gift arrived. The dog.

Camry stayed outside in her cage. I was sure that Louis would rename her somehow.

"I'd like to propose a toast!" I said, the spoon clacking onto the champagne glass. Everyone's attention turned to me as they were all sat on their seats, at their assigned tables.

"Okay." I sighed, "Louis, I've known you since I was fifteen. That was three years ago. I'm lucky that I was able to be there with you for the three years I've known you. I'd just like to say thank you, for being a wonderful person who has brightened up our lives with your happiness. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. A great person in all of our lives, and for being the most amazing boyfriend to me in my entire life. To Louis." I said, raising my glass,

"To Louis!" Everyone chorused, raising their glasses. They clinked their glasses against another and drank whatever they were drinking, whether it was water, champagne, wine, soda, or beer.

"Now I'd like Louis to open some gifts that I had randomly chose yesterday, and all of your gifts." I smiled,

The gifts from all of his friends were laid out on one table. Louis walked to it and started opening gifts. He had received many gifts, ranging from clothes, to material things, to phones, to phone cases, and a laptop from Treanna and Claire.

I brought out all of my gifts for him, the material objects, from the pantry and have them to him. There was about nine individually wrapped gifts, ranging from shirts, to shoes, to hoodies, to jackets and pants, to a mug.

He looked surprised with all that I gave him.

Finally, it was the time to reveal Camry.

I went outside and told Harry to blindfold Louis.

I carried Camry out of her cage and went back inside, lots of 'awe's', and 'cute!' came from the guests,

"Hold out your arms." I said, "You're gonna have to catch it and carry it, okay?"

He nodded in response.

I slowly put Camry in his arms and she barked,

I took off his blindfold and he gasped, "Her name is Camry, but you can change it if you'd like." I told him,

"Camry is the perfect name for her. Thank you." He grinned, petting her fur, and looking into her mutated eyes,

I grabbed the hard red box designed with different colored ribbons, and gold glitters.

"Sorry the box looks kinda girly, I got bored." I said, looking at my shoes,

"Meghan, you've already gotten me so much, this isn't relevant." He said,

"Just open it." I groaned

The key to the Maserati was hidden underneath bunches of Japanese paper, and laid down on more paper.

He pulled out the Japanese paper and found the key. The Maserati symbol was imprinted on the front together with An engraved 'Louis' in cursive underneath it. On the back of the key was the automatized lock, unlock, and alarm buttons. He gasped.

"Come outside." I said, pulling on his wrist, many of the guests followed,

"Close your eyes,"

He closed his eyes,

I stopped in front of the Maserati.

"Now open them."

His eyes pulled open when I said that.

"Meghan, you didn't have to give me this." He said,

"I wanted to give you this. Happy Birthday Louis. I love you," I said,

"Thank you Meghan. I love you, forever and always." He said, pecking my lips,

"Forever and always." I muttered, hearing applause for Louis around us, as we walked back into my home.




Author's Note:

This may have been the hardest chapter to write.

And probably its the longest chapter in my entire life that I have written.

Love you all!

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