More Than This


1. Chapter One

Okay so, I will be trying my hand in A story and it will probably be like terrible and crappy but oh well I guess haha! Here we go!
Chapter One

“BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE, THE WAY THAT YOU FLIP YOUR HHAIR GETS ME OVER WHELMED, BUT WHEN YOU SMILE AT THE GROUND IT AIN’T HARD TO TELL, YOU DON’T KNOW-OH-OH, YOU DON’T KNOW YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” I smiled at Charlie’s preset ringtone. “WAZZZUUPPP!” I yelled into the phone. “Rose, what the hell is wrong with you. I mean who the fuck answers their phone like that?” she said blankly. “I do!” I smiled happily. “Rose… I swear there is something wrong with you.” She said laughing at me. “I know!” I said smiling proudly. Maybe there is something wrong with me… Or maybe I’m just stupid… Yeah that’s probably it… “ROSIE!” “Huh! Oh sorry Charlie… heheh that rhymed.” I giggled to myself. “Well open the door to your room! I’m outside it! We have to be at school in thirty minutes!” she yelled at me. “HOLY SHIT! IM NOT OUT OF BED YET!” I yelled running to the door. “I opened it to see her face shocked! Her grey eyes were large and in shock. Damnit I’m never going to hear the end of this… “OKAY!! I know I’m in trouble, but while I hope in the shower grab my light denim jeans, what makes you beautiful gray shirt, and red TOMS wedges please and thank you!!” I said while I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower, dried and straightened my long brown hair and brushed my teeth when Charlie opened the door and threw in my clothes. I quickly threw them on, put a bit of makeup on, and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at emerald green eyes and made sure my hair was straight. I think that I look pretty okay, good.

I walked out the bathroom and looked at the clock. 25 minutes have gone by! I ran downstairs to grab a bunch of stuff to eat for breakfast only to find Charlie downstairs laughing her ass off. “Charlie! Why the hell are you laughing! We have to get to school!” I yelled. “Rose you idiot! Its summer!” she said laughing still and by this time was red in the face! This processed through my brain and I realized what she did to me “You. Bitch.” I said to her laughing. “Well how else was I supposed to get you up? You’re a Bitch in the mornings and World War III could be going on outside and you would be snoring!” she said finally calming down and pushing her curly blonde hair out of her face. “HEY!” I said offended “THAT IS… Actually kind of true ha-ha!”. “Plus how would I give you one of these?” She pulled out three tickets to a One Direction concert!! I was in shock, but then snapped out of it and ran towards her yelling “HOW DID YOU GET THESE!?!”. “I have my ways.” She said smiling “Now he concert is tomorrow and WE NEED MEET ALISHA AT THE MALL TO SHOP!” . “WAIT I NEED FOOD FIRST!” I yelled and grabbed a box of Oreos…

~One hour and One box of Oreos later~

We went to the mall and met Alisha. “Hey guys!” she yelled running over to us with her brown curls bouncing and falling in front of her face. We all exchanged hellos “OKAY!” I yelled “LETS GET SHOPPING!”
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