Gotta Be You

After Abigail's Mum died in a fatal car crash and her Dad couldn't cope with it so he left when she was young Abigail has lived with an adoption family now after eight years with them their moving taking her with them. She has to leave all her friends, her memories and start a new life but when she meets the nicest people ever moving isn't that bad.


1. The News

Abby ran down stairs to her mothers call of course it wasn't her real mother. Her real mother died when she was five in a fatal car crash after that her dad couldn't cope with it so he left her. She got adopted after 1 month.
" Abby honey I would like you to know that we're kind of......... Moving houses" my mother said.
" but what school will I go to" I asked disappointedly.
" Primson Academy of Arts & Drama" she said.
I did a mini squeal. That was my dream school. I have loved singing and dancing since forever.

I woke up quickly as I heard a bang. I ran down stairs to see boxes and boxes of our stuff. My blonde hair was a mess on the top of my head.
" Go pack your stuff hon were leaving tomorrow" she said.

It was 1:06 in the morning I was in my room packing. We were leaving in like 9 hours.


I woke up in my newish room.
" Ohhhh " I sighed.
I got up and slowly walked to my wardrobe. I got out my favourite black leggings and purple and black dress. I put them on and brushed my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror.... No I dont have to straighten my hair. I walked down stairs to the smell of pancakes with whipped cream and jam yum. I scoffed down 2 pancakes.
" Mum those pancakes are delish anyway gotta go to school bye" I said as I walked out the door.

I walked and walked for like 30 minutes until I reached the school.
I walked through the gates which said Primson Academy of Arts & Drama.
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