Gotta Be You

After Abigail's Mum died in a fatal car crash and her Dad couldn't cope with it so he left when she was young Abigail has lived with an adoption family now after eight years with them their moving taking her with them. She has to leave all her friends, her memories and start a new life but when she meets the nicest people ever moving isn't that bad.


2. 5 Boys

As I walk down the path looking at all the groups of people chatting, laughing even kissing. I wasn't looking when I tripped over and fell on a guy with curly brown hair.
" Ohhh erm I'm so sorry I didn't me-" I was saying when he cut me off.
" Its ok don't worry bout it. You must be new cos I haven't seen you before. My name is Harry and yours?" he asked.
" Abigail Lynden. Yes I'm new. Will you please show me to the office?" I asked.
" Sure Abigail " he said as we walked to the office.
I said goodbye and went inside.
A young lady looked at me then looked at the computer screen again.
" Hello I'm guessing your Abigail Lynden." she said.
I nodded then she handed me my timetable and smiled.

My first class was music. I was excited.
I walked around mindlessly trying to find my class.
" Hey you" someone yelled out at me. I turned around.
" Hi I'm Liam, Liam Payne. What's your name?" Liam asked.
" Abigail Lynden" I answered.
" Oh My Gosh it's you I'm your cousin. Your mum is my mums sister. You probably don't know me your mum you know passed before we got to meet. My mum is alway talking about you" he said.
" Ohh your Liam " I said " can you show me where Music is?" I asked.
My first four lessons were good now it's lunch.
Liam came running towards me and grabbed my arm. He dragged me to his friends five boys.
" Abby these are my friends Zayn, Louis, Harry and Niall." he said
I waved. They all greeted my nicely. When everything was going well Zayn asked about my parents. Tears started running down my face and quickly ran away. 10 minutes later Zayn turned up next to me.
He hugged me tight.
" Sorry I didn't mean to make you upset" he said
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