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Terrin, a 17 year old runner has been best friends with Liam Payne since she was 5. As she pushes him to pursue his singing career, she is very glad, but misses him dearly. Later on, she reunites with Liam, their feelings now grow stronger for each other but are put in situations that cause drama.


2. Talk with Lauren

Okay I had to admit, I hadn't really made an effort to talk to Liam in a while. The last time I had texted him was probably at the beginning of 2011. But he could only text for a second because he had a interview with some radio station. I jogged home to my apartment and flopped on the couch. As I started eating an apple I grabbed my phone. I tried to decide if I should text Liam or not. Anona's words kept running through my mind like a skipping tape. Over and over, I kept worrying about it. I put down my phone and got in the shower. I hummed 'more than this' and got out and put some product in my hair. My naturally beachy waves went down to my waist with some carmel highlights that lit my chocolaty brown hair. I put on some peach skinny jeans, white sperry's, and blue collared tank. Mascara and a thin line of eyeliner on the outer corners was the only make up I wore. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my brown messenger bag and keys and went out the door. I got into my blue ford truck and drove to Lauren's condo. I took the elevator up to her floor and knocked on her door. "Terrin!" she said as she opened the door. "hey Laur" I said giving her a hug. She grabbed her purse and we went off shopping. As I was trying on a floral top, I was about to come out ask her if she liked it when she asked "is every thing okay?" I paused in my dressing room. "yeeeees" I slurred out. "why?" "I don't know. It just seems that ever since Anona talked about Liam this morning, you've just been acting a little.." she paused. "different." I let out a sigh. "Um. I just miss him. I hadn't thought about him for a while and I havn't talked to him in a long time, but he is really busy and I don't know what to do." I said coming out of the dressing room. "Oh  I like that top!" she said. "Well. I would call him if i were you." "but what if Anona is right?" I asked looking in the mirror. "I mean, do you think I really am that boring that he hasn't thought of me once?!" I asked. "Terrin." Lauren said slumping her shoulders. "He has a lot to think about. Even when he was on x-factor, he barley had any time to socialize. I think your being to hard on yourself." I rolled my eyes. but I knew she was probably right. We got finished shopping and I dropped Lauren off. I got home and dropped my bags of clothes on my bed. I kicked off my sperrys and sat on my bed. I went to my contacts and decided to call Liam. It rang and rang then eventually went to voice mail. "its Liam! Sorry I didn't answer. Probably doing something fun with my boys! Leave your message and I will call you back! Thanks!" Even the sound of his voice made me smile. He was always so happy! I hadn't heard it in such a long time. "Liam! Hey its Terrin! um I was just wondering what you have been up to! I haven't heard from you in a while so I was just seeing if your doing okay. Just call me back when you have time! Bye" I hung up and immediately hated what I had said. It should have been nicer, or maybe funnier, or just different. Ugh I hated leaving voice mails. What if he thought I sounded weird? Or if he was disappointed that I called? I told my self I was over reacting and went to clean my living room.

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