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Terrin, a 17 year old runner has been best friends with Liam Payne since she was 5. As she pushes him to pursue his singing career, she is very glad, but misses him dearly. Later on, she reunites with Liam, their feelings now grow stronger for each other but are put in situations that cause drama.


1. Practice

I heard an annoying buzzing and pulled my head out from under my blankets. 7:23?! I would barley make it to practice. I had a bad habit of sleeping in.  I jumped out of bed and shimmied into some grey shorts, a hot pink sports bra, blue tank, and my nike frees. As I put my hair in a sloppy ponytail I ran out the door. As I started to jog to my high school, I thought about how people would always ask me why in the world I ran for fun. They didn't understand though. It was such a good way to relieve stress. And they didn't know how amazing it felt to feel such power that my legs could produce.  I showed up by the tennis courts. My team was still stretching, thankfully. We all knew that if we were late, we would have to stay and do an intense ab work out. I talked to Jenna and Lauren, my two best friends, like I did every morning, and then a girl who bugged the crap out of me came up to me. "Terrin!" she said in her cheeky voice and gave me a slightly awkward hug.  "Hi Anona." I said giving a fake smile. "So... how is Liam? Does he come around often? Aren't you close?" she asked. Jenna scoffed. "Anona do you even think before you talk?" Jenna said. "What?" Anona said shrugging her shoulders, as if she didn't know.  "Its okay Jenna" I said. "Anona, I already told everyone this story" "what? when?" she asked stupidly. "Like a year ago, just so that people would stop asking! I don't talk to Liam much. He is really busy with tour." "Oh. I bet you miss him a lot. but you must not mean that much if he doesn't keep in touch." she replied with a puppy face, pulled a "I'm better than you" classic face, and walked off.  "People can be extremely rude." my friend Lauren said. "Laur, you know I don't let that kind of stuff get to me. Its just sometimes I wonder who really is my friends, or who just want to be my friends cause I know Liam. That's why i am glad I knew you guys before he became famous. And i thin people like Anona just try to get under my skin. Try to get a reaction out of me." My coach whistled and we started running. Lauren and Jenna kept talking to me like always, but I kind of blocked them out, cause I couldn't stop thinking of Liam. I missed all of our great talks we used to have. Even when he tried out for x-factor, we still keep in touch. But ever since One Direction happened, I hadn't heard much from him. Not that that wasn't cool, I absolutely love their music. But I had to wonder, did I really bore him?

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