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Terrin, a 17 year old runner has been best friends with Liam Payne since she was 5. As she pushes him to pursue his singing career, she is very glad, but misses him dearly. Later on, she reunites with Liam, their feelings now grow stronger for each other but are put in situations that cause drama.


3. mom

Cleaning always helped my feel relaxed for some reason. Organizing things helped me forget about the stressful stuff in life and I like doing it.  I heard my phone start to ring from my bedroom. I ran to my bed and tripped over my shoes. "Ugh." I moaned and got up jumping onto my bed to get to my side drawer. It wasn't Liam though, it was just my mom.I was slightly dissapointed, but I loved talking to my mom, so I was glad. I rolled my eyes while smiling. "Hi mom." "Oh honey I was beginning to worry! You let it ring for more then four rings!" I just laughed. My mom was always protective of me and was always worried since I lived in the U.K. and she lived in New York. "Can I tell you how excited I am to come visit you?! " she said. "Well so is your father, and Kara, but I am really excited" "Me too mom!" My family used to live in the U.K. but when my younger sister decided to go to Julliard at New York, My parents went with her. I couldn't leave cause I already had a running scholarship, but they trusted me and my aunt lived only 20 minutes away. "Okay well I just wanted to let you know that we won't be coming the 14th, we will be there the 16th." she said. "Kara has a really important dance practice on the 15th, so we will be there a little later" she said. "Oh no worries. I am just glad to be seeing you guys!' I said. "Hun is every thing okay?" my mom asked. I didn't say anything and let out a shaky "yes I'm fine mom." I said trying not to cry. I don't know why this Liam thing was effecting me as bad as it was, but maybe I had just kept it bottled up for a while. "Terrin.." my mom hesitated. "Mom really. I'm good." I said shaking of the tears. I didn't want to talk about it over the phone. She could hear the whole story when she got here. I heard her sigh. "well how is cross country?" she asked. "Its great mom! we actually have a race right over the time that you guys will be here so its perfect!" "oh good! I know you will kick butt" she said. I could just see her face smiling from ear to ear.  "Thanks mom. Ill see you in a week!" I said cheerfully. "I love you! " she said. "love you too mom! bye" she hung up and I kept cleaning. I loved my family. so much. Kara and my mom were really my best friends and my dad was the best coach I knew. I couldn't wait to see them. I heard a text come in and went back into my room. It was from Liam! 'Hey I saw you called! Busy right now, but I'll call you in an hour or so:)xx'

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