a 1d love story

two friends move to england to start a new life but they dont know who they are about to meet.


2. One Direction

Sam's prov: i wake up the next day  and i go wake up grace hey Sam grace said after she woke up so what do you want to do today lets go to the beach ok  i will be right i run to put my swimsuit on then i run back to grace with my swimsuit on and she has her on to grace said can i drive i said ok come i'll race you ok ready set go i ran past grace i was the first won to the car when grace go to the car i said i won grace said let's go ya turn the radio on ok if i die young by the band perry we got to the beach i run out of the car to go lay on the beach then i run into harry i said and i looked into those beautiful green eyes he said it's ok babe he said i have to go but meet my here tonight at 6:30 ok 

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