a 1d love story

two friends move to england to start a new life but they dont know who they are about to meet.


7. chapter 7.

Sam's p.o.v. Friday came so fast harry text me and he said he would come pick me up at 7:00 and he asked me were i live i told him so i go to find a shirt and shorts and i find them and so time pass i sing james by allstar weekend. And the door bell rings but its grace hey grace i said she said hi but she had her face covered grace whats wrong with your face she said she i got a big zit i took what was covering her face.Grace i can fix that so i go up and get my zit cream and make up to cover it up. And i whent down and when i got down harry was here and grace was sitting on the couch hey harry i said hi harry said and i go to grace and i say grace hold still ok she said i put the cream on her zit and the make up and she said thanks and she left and harry said are you ready to go i said yes. Harry's p.o.v When she came down she was so beautiful so anyway when her friend left i whent to her and asked her if she was ready to go she said yes so we got out to the car and i open the door for her. I got in the car and she asked where are we going i said i will tell you when we get there ok she said when we get to nando's i get out and open the door for her and we go in to nando's we go sit down and we talk and eat and when we are done we go back to the car and i open the door for her and we go to the club and when we go in there girls come over to me and i could not find sam.

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