a 1d love story

two friends move to england to start a new life but they dont know who they are about to meet.


6. chapter 6.

harry's p.o.v i saw sam  run under the borad walk but grace ran over to her to talk to her i think. 

grace's p.o.v i ran over to sam sam what is a mater i saw my ex boyfriend when i was talking to harry. come on we will take care of him.

sam's p.o.v we took care of marcus all we did was tell him to go and he did so i when't back to harry   sorry i left it's ok he said so what are you doing her in england he asked i left because of my life and a lot thinks. and my phone was ringing it played we are never ever getting back together by taylor swift. i have to take this what do you what do you whan't marcus i whan't us back together well i don't just leave me alone ok marcus fine he said and he hung up i am sorry that was my ex boy friend. grace text me she said we have to go ok i have to go harry wait can we go on a date friday i said yes

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