a 1d love story

two friends move to england to start a new life but they dont know who they are about to meet.


5. chapter 5.

harry's p.o.v i saw sam and her friend jump of the broadwalk i run after her but she was already in the water but i could not see her so i walk back to the boys and i ask them did you guys see sam jump of the broadwalk. yes louis said i did to the other boys said i wish i knew what she was doing hey is that sam talking to that guy hey i think it is. i walk to where they are but it's not sam it's her friend but where could sam be it looks like she is at the broadwalk i run to where sam is sam yes she said do you whan't to hang out with me and the boys yes i think grace has something to do. so you're friends name is grace yes but her real name is gracie but what do you like to do when you are not doing music she said i kike to hang out with my friends that's cool. that's when a big storm came but all there was rain.sam's p.o.v when the storm came i ran from harry and all the boys and grace but i got to under the broadwalk that's when someone made a talk i turn to see. 

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