a 1d love story

two friends move to england to start a new life but they dont know who they are about to meet.


3. chapter 3.

sam's prov. i cam back that night at 6:30 like he said but when i was walking to the broadwalk some one ran in to me he had brown hair and blue eyes he said sorry love it's okay i said i should be going wait he said what is name sam whats you're name louis can i have you're number he said ya i give him my number and he gave me his number so i left and walk to the broadwalk and i wait and wait it was 6:35 so right when i was about to go five girls where there and they push me in the water but i was glad my phone didn't get wet i lift it at home but when i get out of the water the girls start punching me and they push me in the sand and they run i could not get up and the next thing i know i wake up at a house and five boys where bye me and i did not them and i did know  not who i was sam you're a wake now so my name is sam who are you i asked you don't know who i am no sorry i said i am harry this niall, liam, zayn, and this louis do you know us now no i said but what am i doing here oh let me tell you whats going on harry said i asked you to meet me at the beach at 6:30 now i know what when't on i said ok you know what when't on yes but i have to go no the boys said yes i have to go plz stay look i will come back you will yes ok ok bye so when i left i ran to my house for the summer witch was next door so i did not have to run that far so when i got home i run to my and jump in the shower  and after that put some new pants on and a new shirt i get my phone and text grace hey grace whats up oh i am so bord go to you're door ok so i go to my door and there was grace hey hey come in ok when she got in she said i came back because i could not find one direction i said i know where they are she said where next door and almost ran outside i said grace i will ask them if they want to go to the beach with us but for now chill ok ok so go next door and i knock on the door and harry says hey sam hi harry do you whan't to come to the beach with my friend yes me and the would love to go ok i will be right back i go get my swimsuit on and the boys are down staires grace was ready to so grace you whan't to go with me and my car yes. 

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