Part Of Me

Violet and her two best friends, Casey and Lilly go on a trip to Paris, but little did they know they would fall in love with one of the world's most popular boy band. The meet two new friends on the plane, Carrie and Harper. Soon enough there best friends.

Violet thought that she would never fall in love, but that was before she met Liam Payne. They are inseparable, a much more deeper love then Casey and Harry Styles. A much more realistic love then Lilly and Louis Tomlinson. A much more formal love then Carrie and Niall Horan. A much more romantic love then Harper and Zayn Malik. Violet is starting to think she has a perfect love, until THEY interfere.


1. Leaving For Paris


"Wake up!" My mother shouted cheerfully in my face. I glanced at my clock. 7:00 a.m. WHAT?!  "Mom, really?" I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes.  "Yes. You have a plane to catch at noon. Remember?" My mother told me while pulling my suitcase out from my closet.  "Oh yeah!" I exclaimed heading to the bathroom. My mom gave me three tickets to go to Paris. I was using them today with my two best friends, Casey and Lilly. I ran to the shower with the the door locked. I took a quick freezing cold shower so I wouldn't fall asleep. After I got out, I slipped into gray sweatpants and a navy blue tee-shirt. I Threw half my wardrobe into my two suitcases, my wet tangled blonde hair flowing all around.  I got a small tote bag and threw in my phone charger, a notepad and pen, my iPod with apple ear buds, my favorite pieces of jewelry in a plastic zip-lock bag, and my sunglasses and sun hat. I blew dry my hair and straightened it , to through it into a sloppy bun. I slipped on my tennis shoes and grabbed my bags.   Downstairs, I ate a granola bar for breakfast, to excited to eat anything more. "Bye mom!" I shouted while heading out the door to Casey's Mustang convertible with the top down and the radio on. I lived alone in California with my mom, my dad left when I was just a baby, so confused and freaked out about being a father. I threw my stuff in the trunk and plopped into the passenger seat.  "Hey!" Casey said ecstatically as we drove off to Lilly's house.  "Hi!" I said mocking her tone. I couldn't wait. What Makes You Beautiful started playing and Casey turned up the radio really loud and we sat there singing along way off key, driving off to pickup Lilly.   Lilly was in jean shorts, and crop tee that said '1D' on it in red letters, with a red tank under it, and white flip flops. Her gorgeous red hair was curled and fell to her chest. She put her bags in the trunk and slid into the back seat. We had an our drive and it was already ten-thirty.    At the airport, we boarded the plane. Casey got us first class seats by talking to the flight attendant. By talking, I mean flirting with a one-hundred dollar bill. He was more than happy to give up three seats for us. Maybe it was Casey's copper hair, heart shaped face and pleading vivid blue eyes, or the fact he didn't get that much in tips, when he very rarely did, I'm guessing, and decided he could use an extra one hundred dollars.    I settled into my seat next to Casey while asking, "Where did you get a one-hundred dollar bill?"  "My mom's purse." She simply replied.  Just then a British voice said, "Sorry to be a bother, but your in my seat." I looked up and say a tall male brunette wearing black aviators. His head was tilted in Casey's direction.  "Oh, I'm sooo sorry!" Casey said standing up and finding her right seat. The man sat down next to me. He got settle and then pulled of his sunglasses.    Oh my god. I was sitting Liam Payne.
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