You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


3. the bright eyed girl

(Normal Pov) ""GET OFF OF HER" harrys screams as he pushes logan to he ground and is punching his face in. Meanwhile, Liam,Niall,and louis take you to the car. Zayn goes to brake up logan and Harry."HARRY! i think he learned his lesson lets GO! Zayn grabs harrys shirt and drags him to the car.As they walk up to the car you are on the hood with a piece of cloth on your nose. "Are you ok love?" Harry says. "Ye Yea" "What your name" NIall asks "Its Lindsey.But before you say anything i want to thank you guys for helping me. Nobody ever helps me they just watch. "They WHAT?" harry says. "Why havent you left him Lindsey?" Well, i live with him. i have no family. my parents died recently in a car crash last year.And i was thinking of leaving but i have no where eles to go. "Stay with us" Zayn says. "I barely know you guys. Yeah your One Direction but i only know what i read on the internet." So your a fan?" liam says "Of course i am you guys are amazing!" i said that kinda excitedly. "So its settled your living with us" Louis says happily "OK i will! but, we have to get to my apartment before he gets home."OK lets go" niall says "I call driving" louis say "I want to drive you drive here" Harry pretends to cry. i laugh alittle bit."its alright hazza. it give you time to comfort Lindsey if you know what i mean" louis smirks "shut up" harry blushes so do I. We drive to my apartment."Good he's not home. You run to your apartment and grap everything you'll need.Clothes,shoes,pictures,makeup ect. as you get in the car you snuggle next to harry and fall asleep on his shoulder. "Goodnight Love" Harry whisper and kisses your forehead.

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