You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


5. the ask out

 Lindseys pov) we get back from mcdonald."Hey lads back with food" liam said FOOOD!!!!! niall screams niall runs to the bag and grabs 2 boxes of food "good thing we got the extra box liam" i laugh. Harry walks in "Lindsey can i talk to you in the other room?" yeah harry sure thing" you walk in the other room with harry guiding you by your wrist "ok lindsey im not sure if you'd like to do this or not but you like to go on a date its ok if "Harry yes" i understand if you dont wait you said yes? yes harry id love to" great! ok meet be in the livingroom at 1:00 its 10:30 now ok. "ok im going to take a shower" as harry walk to the living room you run to your room or harrys room and scream into a pillow. "i got a date with HARRY STYLES your dancing around the room and harry comes in.You dont notice him, but he smiles and walks back to the living room. you hop in the shower for 30 mins then  get dressed you put on jean shorts, a white belly shirt with lace (like the one selena gomez wore) and a pair of white pair of toms toms. You decide to blow dry your hair and straighten it. you dont want to seem like your trying to hard and you apply a brown shade of liquid eyeliner only a little bit and mascara. it'd 12:30. so you decide to call your best friend emily and tell her everything. the date, the thing with logan. Emily is a really big fan of 1d so shes excited. "When do i get to meet them?" "Em i have to talk to them first." ok well hurry up" well its 1 oclock time for my date. ill text you with the deets." ok but remember to ask.' ok text you later. " bye " bye Em." you walk in the living room the guys all look at you with wided eyed and jaws open. "you look amazing love" thanks harry. you blush. "ready to go." yes! i said that alittle to excited. "wait" louis says "Lindsey i want him back by midnight" ok lou. "Good have fun but not too much fun" louis says with a stern look. Harry guides you to the limo with his arm around your back you grow goosebumps and go to a bowling alley. "Tada! harry says with that cheeky smile oh his." " I love bowling i bet ill beat you.' i say with confidents."well see about that and winks at you. as you bowl harry watches you and thinks "shes gorgeous, she looks so cute standing there with her hands on her hip." as i look at the pins fall harry comes up behind me and grabs me from the back and swings me around. "Put me down" "ok" he lets you down and the games over i win. "I told you id win" oh wow well when we play lazer tag im kicking your butt!" your on! so me and harry went out to dinner. we get our booth and as were talking a girl about my age comes up to me and harry. "Hi im melissa and i love you harry. she looks at me. Whos the slut harry? Excuse me? I mange to say behind the tears." Harry you could do better like me. Shes not even that pretty." MELISSA thats enough dont call my girlfriend a slut!"GIRLFRIEND!!" "yes my girlfriend" Harry smiles at the though so do i. Harry never asked me out though OMG hes going to!" you think to yourself. Melissa leaves in a hurry, but after she leaves she picks up her phone and smiles evilly. After dinner you walk outside and there are cameras flshing everywhere you harry run to the car and drive away quick. I check my phone and check twitter." were everywhere harry OMG i know who leaked about our date that girl melissa look at the tweet."Harry styles is at chilies in lady lake flordia with his GIRLFRIEND!!!!......................

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