You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


2. the 5 british boys

(Harry's pov)" this party is kicking right guys" Yeah they all say. The boys are in hoodies and glasses so nobody know who they are. As i look around i see a beautiful girl.Long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect smile. Then a guy comes up to her.She looks uncomfortable.I try to get threw the crowd but there are to many people. Then i hear a slapped and silence.A nother guy comes to her and drags her outside.i run to get to her. pushing kid out of the way.The boys follow me as i open the door outside to see the bright eyed beauty on the ground with a bloody nose.I run to get to her with the other guys on my trail.

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