You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


10. take away

Lindsey's pov: we get back to the hotel.We put our stuff down."im going to take a shower." i say taking my hair out of a bun. "And im coming too." harry says with that cheecky smile. "no hazza i love you to death but no." as i start to walk to the bathroom harry runs past me." Oh yes i am." harry says looking back. im thinking what harry doesn't know is that im talking a shower in nialls room. i laugh to myself and go take my shower. While im in there niall comes into his room. im singing More than this. "cuz i can love you more than this yeahhh. Nialls pov: Wow she is such a good singer. i run to the guys and tell them to listen. we all pile in my room and just stand by the door. "i knew lindsey was an angel, but i didnt know she sang like one too." harry says.lindsey's Pov:That shower felt good i opne and the door and all i see is harry,zayn.liam,niall,louis,and emily in front of the door." Uh guys whatcha doing? "your voice is just so sweet." liam says. i blush. "im flattered but did you have to stand in front of the door and listen?' yes we just never heard you sing before." louis says. "oh well im going to get changed. "ok' everyone says. Nialls pov: Emily can i talk to you.?' Sure nialler. "i was kinda hopeing you would go to dinner with me tonight. "id love too!" Emily says with a smile. Be ready at 7:30. its 5:30 now. ok.Emily walks to the other room. "YEAHH she said YES! all the guys hug!Lindsey'd pov:i get dressed and put on aero shorts and a pink shirt. im in the bathroom and somebody knocks. "who is it"? Your loving and handsome boyfriend." Harry dont turn into zayn!" i open the door."im not im just say.he says looking at the ground "Well would  you like to go to the mall with me?" sure i'd love to!" i say. "i need to clothes anyway.Harry and i go to the mall. Harry walks out of the car without his disguise. I get his hat and sunglasses from the back." Harry? "yes babe." "forgetting something?" oh yea my wallet." No silly you disguise." Oh yeah what would i do without you. We walk in hand and hand and we got to some stores like hollister,aero and footlocker. "Hey harry i have to use the bathroom." ok love hurry back i dont want to miss you too long." k. i walk to the bathroom to get there you have to walk down a long narrow hallway. All asudden i feel hands covering my eyes. "Harry i have to use the bathroom." harry dosent say anything. When i try to get his hands off my eyes he covers my mouth." Hey Hun. i missed you." LOGAN!" i say and i try to run but he grabs my arms i drop my purse and i slip to the floor and hit my head then i black out.Harry's pov:It's been 15 mins where is she? i walk to the hallway were the bathroom is and i see Lindsey's purse on the floor. i poke my head into the bathroom door and say Lindsey. No answer.LINDSEY where are you?Lindsey's pov: i wake up with a throbbing headach. then i remember logan took me on the way to the bathroom and he brought me to his apartment. "hey lindsey hows your head? "LOGAN whats with you? im not yours anymore im harrys's! "oh no your not! logan walks over to me and slaps me. "after the party that one night i went home and you weren't there,i got worried and went to the store to get ciggs and i saw pictures with you and one infection." Direction." Whatever. i got so mad when i found out you and harry went out so i had to do what i had to get you back."so you kidnap me!" no its not kidnapping its getting you back! "I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU LOGAN EVER AGAIN!" he gets up and hits me hard. i start to bleed." im going to the store want anything?" YES TO BE SET FREE!" not gonna happen love!"logan walks out and i hear the front door close. i remember i have my phone in my bra."dang my hands are tied. Then i think logan keeps he pocket knife in his dresser i go over and open the drawer and looks threw his shirts. "found it he is so stupid he tied my hands in front of me! i cut the rope and get my phone. i look at my phone 17 missed calls from Harry <3.i call harry." HARRY HELP ME!" lindsey where are you? at my old apartment meet me in the basement hurry logan just left he will be back soon! OK on my way!"Harry i love you." "love you too lindsey!" i walk out logans room and his friend matt was in the living room. CRAP! ok ill just sneak out the window and run to the basement from the outside door. I sneak back to logans room and i walk to the window.Logan had pictures on the windowsill i place them on the bed and open the hafe way threw the window i forgot to put one picture on the bed and it fell and smashed on the wood floor i hear running from inside and i fall out the window and i hurt my leg but i limp behind the window.i see matt stick his head out the window and go back inside i hear his conversation with Logan. Matt pov:She climbed out the window...... no  i dont know where she went...... fine ill do your dirt work. Lindsey's pov: i limp over to the basement door i see matt but he doesnt see me. i look up the street there is harry's car.i go into the basement and call harry. "hey im here." harry stay in your car logans friend is up front." does he have a beard and brown hair? yea. i see him he went inside when i say go run to the car i can see the door from where i am." i start to run-limp and the logans car pulls up next to harrys i dart and make it in time to get to the door as i sit he put his hand inside the door so i cant close it..............

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