You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


9. RUN

Lindsey's POV: When i woke up i look around and everyone is still in the same spot as last night. "i guess we all fell asleep watching th movie."i have an idea" i take out my phone and take a picture of niall and emily, zayn,liam, and louis snuggling and me and harry. We all looks so cute. Harry is hugging me so i move his arm and sneak to the kitchen to make pancakes and bacon. I start to lay down the bacon and it sizzles. The aroma smells so good.i walk over and get a drink niall was behind me. Morning love. "Morning." So it looks like you and emily are hitting it off." yeah i really like her,im going to ask her on a date tonight. "she'll love that niall!" "lindsey can i tell you something? niall says " yeah sure what."  remember the other night i was telling you that you were special well, i still think of you that way i want you to know that i will always love you, like a sister you can tell me anything or if you need help. ok". I walk over to hug niall and but i accidently knock over my glass of water and slipped and banged my head. "OW" i scream and everyone comes running in." OMG lindsey what happend?" emily comes over a picks me up. I feel blood dripping from my arm from the glass." im fine i slipped on the water that i knocked over. Harry walks over and picks me up bridle style and brings me to the couch. " Emily get me and ice bag, niall get me twezzers and a band aid. liam says" Thanks daddy direction." i say with a laugh. Emily brings the ice bag to harry and he puts it on my head and holds it there. "Are you sure your ok? maybe a kiss can help it." harry moves in and kisses me. "i feel way better." niall comes in with the tweezers and band aid. " Liam comes over and stars to get the shreads of glass from my arm. " all done!" i get up and hug him. :" Thanks Liam>" No problem." CRAP! The food is burning." NO its not zayn and louis took over. "Breakfast. Zayns says from the kitchen. Niall runs overs over to the kitchen. We all eat and just sitting there." how about we go to the beach" louis says crunching on a carrot. Everyone says yes. We all go to to our rooms i walk to my room with harry behind me. im bending down to get my bathing suit and harry grabs my waist and i jump and fall on top of him. We stare into each others eyes. "i could just stare into his eyes forever" i think to myself. "Have i ever told you that you have the most amazing eyes." i say to harry. "Have i ever told you that your were the best girl friends i've ever had. i blush and harry leans in for a kiss. i put my hand over my mouth. i get up and pick up my bathing suit.. "i wanted to kiss you." come get me Harold. He jumps up and i dash to the bathroom and lock it. " Your playing hard to get i see. ill just wait.i promise you i will get that kiss." Whatever hazza." i say.  I get dressed and put my makeup on and put my hair in a mess bun. i walked out of the bathroom looks down at my phone and all asudden harry suprises me and kissed me. "i told you id get that kiss. " ok you got me" We walk to the living room everybody is ready and we all get in a black van. Paul is driving." Guys where to? "The beach." zayn says. We all walk on the beach me and harry hand in hand we all put our stuff down and jump in the waves. " i look onto the beach and see zayn standing there." ill be right back harry." ok love dont be long, ill miss you to much. i walk up to shore and grab zayns hand." come on ill teach you how to swim." Lindsey im not ready to. "I though a bad boy like you wasnt afraid of anything. " HEY! thats it come on." i grab zayn and we got to were we are waist deep and teach zayn to swim. With harry and louis: You really lucky harry." lou says with a smile. I know, shes justs so so perfect.  "Harry if you do anything to hurt lindsey i will be so disappointed in you. Shes the girl for you dont let he ever go. "i know i would never hurt her. "harry says to louis.Lindsey's pov: Zayn and i are done out swim lesson." I told you you could do it.  "thanks lindsey" ."lindsey!" i hear a scream from the distance." its harry "come take a walk with me" "ok " i scream back. I get to harry we are hand in hand walk talking and laughing. then we stop and just look at each other. " I love you lindsey " I love you to har....... Then all a sudden paperatzie come out our no where. RUN! harry says we dash back to where our stuff everyone is just laying on towel." we got to go NOW!! me and harry say we grab our stuff and go. we dont know where we are going but we just run. we come across a surf shed and we all pile in. Emily looks threw the window they all run the oppisite of the surf shed. "im going to call paul." liam says. paul comes and gets us 20 mins later. As  we walk to the van, me and harry stay back alittle while the rest are ahead. i stop. "whats wrong lindsey?" Harry i love you too. i say he grabs my face and kisses me full force and we walk to the van.

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