You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


6. Promise

Lindsey'd pov: "Harry what am i going to do? im going to get death threats,and hate and im very sesitive person i cry easily." Lindsey as long as im here nothing will ever hurt you ill protect you and never put you though pain."Promise" I promise. i promise till death do we part."harry were not getting married" i know but thats how much i care about you though. As you pull up to the hotel it starts to rain. As you run to the entrance harry grabs your wrist. "Lindsey wait, i have somtehing to ask you" yes harry? Will you be my girlfriend?....... i think to myself he's so perfect he treats me they way logan never did. This is the most love i got since my parents died. but am i ready for this? What the heck he's the perfect guy" YES" harry pulls you close and passionetly kisses you for 30 seconds. " I finally got the kiss iv been waiting for" was it worth the wait." Yes it was" you blush and u start to walk again harry takes of his jacket and covers your head. So romantic. at the thought i smile and go to the suite." Hey so how was it" great harry said with smile. "So what are you lads up too?" playing video games." Louis say. "Liam wheres niall." harry ask. "He's been locked in his room all night. he wont talk to anybody." ill go and try to talk to him." Ok good luck." zayns say. You walk down to nialls room and knock. "Niall it's lindsey can i talk to you" NO! i got food out here." all asudden you hear a thud and the doors opens." What do you have for me?" niall looks disappointed as he sees you empty handed" You TRICKED me". he said smiling. can i talk to you now? sure come in. You sit on nialls bed. "Whats wrong niall the guys said you  were locked in here all night? " I rather not talk about it" rubbing his neck. Well im not going to force you to but im letting you know im here. You open the door and niall runs over and cloese it. "I like you. i was upset when harry asked you out on a date. "oh" Lindsey i really like you. Your diffrent.your just special. " thanks niall." niall get closer. "im flatterd niall but i go out with" then he pecks your lips. " sorry Lindsey i just need it"." OK im going back to the guys" and you walk out if the room quickly and go to the bathroom. you pull out your phone and call emily. "EMILY i have a crisis! "WHATS THE MATTER?" there is good and bad news. i go out with Harry and niall kissed me what do i do?" tell harry NOW! honesty is the best thing in a relationship." OK thanks i know that i can get the right advise from you and ill find out when you can come over. " ok thanks girly bye" Bye". you walk to the living room and harry comes up to you. "How was it?" harry can i see to you in the other room" . yeah sure thing love." you grab harrys wrist and bring him to your room. "Harry do you know why niall didnt come out of his room." no" well he likes me and was upset you asked me out. "yeah and" wel li try telling him i go out with you and he kissed me" HE WHAT??" harry runs to nialls room and barges into his room" hey lads whats up" harry puts his fist up to niall you jump in front of him. Harry he dosent know!!" harry calms down a bit" I dont know what?" That me and harry go out. i tryed tell you before you kissed me. thats why harrys so upset." Harry i would never do that to you. i really didnt know" Harry and him bro hug and everything is better. i think " wow that was closes"

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