You saved me

this is a story of a 18 year old girl names lindsey who has an abusive boyfriend you live with him but when thing take a turn for the wrost Lindsey find the love of somebody shes not looking for..........btw she is in love with one direction


7. i love you

Lindsey's pov: You think to yourself " im glad niall and harry are ok and nobody go hurt." you and harry walk out of nialls room. "I think im going to go to bed" Ok love ill be in soon." "oh and harry, my friend emily is a huge fan do you mind if she came here tomorrow?" no not at all. a friend of yours is a friend of mine." Thanks and night." Harry walks over and kisses your forehead. you walk to your bed room and go to sleep. 30 mins later: You see a light but dont bother to see what it is because you know its harry.Harry gets in bed and strokes your hair and whispers "Lindsey i ment that promise and i will keep it. i never felt like this about a girl before. your just so gentle,nice,kind,and good hearted and likes me for me not for a member of one direction. I didnt have the guts to tell you this. but i .. i love you and i mean it i wnat you to be mine forever. Harrys kisses my cheek and hugs me.i think" harry really thinks this about me? i think i love him too." you drift back to sleep with a smile on your wake up the next moring and harrys arm is around me. i think " i just want to let this moment live on forever and ever." so you lay there and replay the words in your head that harry told you last night.: i... i love you and i mean move the slightest bit and harrys eyes open." Morning love. "Harry i love you too." "Lindsey what did you say? " I love you and i mean it. "you heard what i said last night. you shake your head. "i ment every word. "so do i. harry gets one top of you and kisses you. He pulls away and gets up."Do you want some breakfast? "yeah" so you and harry walk to the kitchen and you to cook. Harrys is making the french toast and i make the bacon." morning" hey liam. "so lindsey harry said you have a girly friend coming here today. i think " crap i forgot to tell em" yeah if you dont mind" NO not at all. liam says eating a piece of bacon. Good". After were dont cooking breakfast nobody is up." Liam what time did the boys go to bed last night." uhmm i believe 2. " Oh well i have a wake up call for them. i say with a evil smile. "Lindsey were are you going with this?" liam says scared  "i dont know but i like the evil bit its sexy" Harry says with that cheeky smile. so liam harry and i get a bucket of cold ice and dump it on each of the boys. "IM UP IM UP JUST NO MORE ICE! louis scream shivering. zayn just gets up grabs acouple of cubes and shoves them harry and liams shirt.then he grabs me and hold me agaisnt my will." Do this again and lindsey gets it. NO NOT LINDSEY" louis screams and tackles zayn everybody laughs and picks up the ice. Everyone goes to nialls room, but he's not there. "Everyone looks at each other and say "Kitchen" we all walk to the kitchen and see niall with a piece of bacon hang out of his mouth. "Sorry i got hungry." everyone just laughs and digs in. "So guys i have a friend coming over if thats ok with all of you. They all say yes. "What is she like" zayn says. "well she has brown hair long and shes really funny has brown eyes. and i keep telling the boys and they look intersted. you text emily :come to ballys hotel its room 235 floor 4. one second later i get a reply. Yay be there soon. " i promise you will like her." i bet we will. niall says

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