Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


8. Travelling

Me and Alvyss rode Shadow towards the nearest town, me laughing in joy and pleasure. The wind rushed back in my face- streaming through my blonde hair, blowing my clothes back behind me. Alvyss had let me sit in front, and I was glad he had. Being behind him would have ruined the whole thing - I wouldn't have felt so much air pushing against me, and I wouldn't have been able to see the vast desert in front of me quite as well as I could do just then. I never wanted this journey to end! Curling my fingers around Shadows beautiful fur, I wondered if dragon riding would be this good, maybe even better...


I was disapointed when the town came into veiw. It had felt like there had hardly been any journey at all! It must be because Shadow was so fast - he got there quicker than any horse could. Plus, time flies when you're having fun, and I was having fun. The town approached rappidly, nearing with every huge bound that Shadow took. Patting Shadows glossy back, I sighed a contented little sigh.

"Will I get a horse to ride, or can I ride Shadow until I get a big enough dragon to ride?" I asked Alvyss, turning around to look at him with pleading eyes. He smiled at my enthusiasm to ride Shadow, and told me,

"Yeah, you can keep riding Shadow with me until you get a riding dragon." he grinned, and Shadow made a purring sound."He likes you." Alvyss said as I turned back around. I patted Shadow again. As we got closer to the town, I could see guards standing on the large town wall that surrounded the entire town, and even more near the impressive looking gates.

"The town wall and gates were put in when the Dark army started to send out party's to raid the towns and cities of Yaragsdor. So far, this town hasn't been attacked. The wall is strong, and well built, but most raiding party's could get past that." he paused, and I continiued to listen. "Anyway, we'll get some stuff here - like healing elexirs and potions, some food water, maybe some clothes if you need any. But I was also thinking that you should get some weapons. In this cave the dragon will lead you to, you might be getting some special dragon rider weapons, but for now, you probably need other weapons to fight with. So we'll visit a weaponary, okay?" he said. I smiled - my sister had trained me to use loads of weapons- my favorites were poleaxes, knives and longbows. Fighting was something I enjoyed - at least I used to enjoy play fighting with my sister.

"Yeah!" I agreed.


The guards stopped us at the gates, their spears held out in front of us.

"State your buisness here!" one demanded.

"We're here to stock up on some provisions and to buy weapons. I'm a ranger." Alvyss said, calm as ever.

"Your mount is a ranger mount, but rangers usually travel alone, and they don't buy their own weapons. They have special ranger weapons, remember?" The guard said. Alvyss just laughed softly.

"Yes, but it's not me getting the weapons. They're for my friend here. And yes, usually rangers travel alone. But not this time - I'm just helping someone. She's inexperienced, but she has a dangerous quest ahead of her. I gave her my word that I'd help." he said. It was partly the truth - only he missed out the bit about dragon riders, and I wasn't inexperienced. Alyss reached into a saddlebag, and pulled out a small metal object. I didn't get time to see it properly, before the guard took it off of him.

"Indeed, this is the ranger crest, but how do I know you haven't stolen it? Theives are very dangerous in a big town full of goods and people." he spoke, handing it back to Alvyss, who quickly slipped it away again. I was curious about this thing - a crest, as the guard had called it.

"A thief? Steal a rangers crest, and his mount? It's not likely." Alvyss said, and another guard lifted his spear, so that we could pass.

"Then you are free to go in." he said, and the other guards lifted their spears as well. Alvyss smiled, like he was saying thanks with his mouth, and clicked his tounge, urging Shadow into the town. Shadow snorted softly, tossed his head, and padded inside. There was a row of posh looking houses, all of them well looked after and none of them damaged. A small sign read, 'Town centre is straight ahead.' Looking down the row of houses, I saw a cluster of people standing at the end of the rown, with their backs to us. They were watching something - something that was making them pretty excited.

"Go on Shadow, lets see what it is." Alvyss said, and Shadow instantly leaped forwards, charging down the middle of the row. He stopped when he got to the town centre. What was there was something that I never expected to see...


Note from dragon soul jess - for those of you who don't know, a poleaxe is a lethal weapon that I have recently discovered. It has an axe head, a spike for piercing peoples armour, and another spike for stabbing people at one end. At the other end, it has another spike. It may be wiser to look it up on the internet, because I'm not great at describing it...

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