Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


2. Running

I was running. I didn't know where to, I just knew I had to run. Running from everything. The death of my sister. My cruel parents and their huge, sinister house that had held me for so long, the school, everyone and everything at school... I couldn't bear it any more. So I had to run. There were tears running freely down my face, and I wanted to scream. But I wouldn't scream. Because otherwise they would know where I was. And I had no horse. So if they could get on to my trail, if I was really worth the effort, then they would easily catch me up. Yes, I know. I should have taken a horse. But I didn't think of riding one when I left; I had other things on my mind. My legs felt tired, and my throat was dry. I had water, only it had to last me for ages - the nearest city was miles away. I had to keep telling myself not to drink it, not to let its cool freshness trickle down my dry throat... Sometimes, I found the temptation too great, and I had to sip a little. Just a little. My food rationing wasn't doing great either. So hungry... So thirsty... So tired... At least I had my sisters old clothes, and they were comfy. They smelled of her, too. I liked my sisters smell. It was just one of the good things she'd left behind when she... when she was killed. My tears fell harder. Why did I have to think about her all the time? It wasn't helping. But still... I missed her more than anything. I searched my mind for some good things, good things that would make me happy. What could make me happy? Well, I did have lots of money. So I could stay at a really expensive inn when I got to the next city. With comfy beds and comfy pillows and comfy quilts to keep me warm in the cold night. And I could buy food, and more clean, delicious water! My stomach groaned weakly at the thought of it. Food... I started to laugh. Laughing while the tears ran down my face. I don't know why. Perhaps it was a sighn that I'd lost it, gone mad. I hadn't even been running for a day yet, and already I had been driven insane. Great. Just great.


I stopped my laughter after a while, only just managing to keep it under control. Emotions, I thought as I tried not to collapse, were stupid. They were a waste of time. Why did emotions exist? To poison minds, to make people do stupid stuff. They were pointless, yes, but they were also the most important thing humans posess. God, what was I even thinking? I had no idea what was going on in my brain, it seemed all mushy and all weird and confusing. Argh! This was so frustrating! Why couldn't anything in my stupid life go right? I bet my life couldn't get any worse.


Dead wrong. Sadly, for me, there was no 'my life can't possibly get worse'. Because most of the time, my life was getting worse.


I was being followed.


Apparently, the villagers, or whoever was chasing me, had managed to track me down. Which was just great. Becasue I could hear horses hooves, hitting the ground behind me. Far behind me yes, but there was nowhere to hide. I was crossing a desert here. And in most deserts, there is nowhere for a running girl to hide.I was exhausted, from running, carrying my stuff, being under the scorching sun. And soon, it would be night, so I would freeze my useless arse off. I ran harder, even though I already knew it was hopeless - I was running up a huge hill of sand, easily spotted. But maybe the city would be just over the sand dune. Maybe, but most probably not. I glanced behind me, and instantly wished I hadn't. They were almost at the foot of the sand dune.  What was I going to do? It was my parents best horseriders, Carl, Dave, and Rob. They were dangerous. They rode like devils, and they were pretty good with their weapons too. I was on the brink of collapse - I was actually forcing each stride I made. Gasping for breath like a fish on land, I noted that I was almost at the top of the sand dune.

"Help!" I croaked hoarsely, but who would actually hear me out here in the desert, except my parents men? And then I stumbled, falling right over on my side, and rolling heavily onto my back. That was it. I didn't have the energy to get up. I was completely done for. Looking at the sky, I wondered what would happen to me. Would my parents lock me up? Guard me at all times? Never let me leave the house? Why couldn't I have just remembered to ride a horse? Then I wouldn't be here now, gasping for breath because I was struggling to breathe, too out of energy to even lift my head. My parents men rode up next to me. Carl jumped off his horse first, mace in hand, then Dave and Rob, with their axes. Carl stroked his mace's handle.

"Shame you won't ever see your parents again. See, they didn't want you embarrasing them again, and they told us to bring back your body... dead, not alive. And so now,we're gonna make you pay for running away from us and making us follow you. And we generally aren't nice when we get sent to kill people. We give them a nice long death..." Carl hissed. I heaved for breath. So this was it... Why couldn't I have borought a horse?

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